Oregon Coast 50k Training Recap: Week 5

This was the first week of training where I really felt like I got into the rhythm of training. Yeah! I still had a little bit of procrastination, but that is a big part of training too (at least for me).

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Oregon Coast Training Recap

oregon coast 50k training recap week 5

Training Goals

  • Run one new route every week
  • Run one route with significant elevation gain each week
  • Strength train 2x week
  • Foam roll 1x week
  • 2 Trail runs per week

The Plan v. Reality: Week 5

Planrest4 miles5 miles4 milesrest12 miles8 miles
Actualrest4 miles5 miles4 milesrest14 miles8 miles

Area of Focus This Week


The Week That Was


Rest Day.

Only morning stretching and a long lunchtime walk. And… yet more cooking. I continued stocking the freezer with shredded beef, empanadas, and burritos (2 types – bean and breakfast).

And with that, my cooking binge is done and the freezer is 100% stocked.


Ran my new go-to 4-mile route from home this morning.

The major upside of this running 5 days a week plan, especially when a few of those runs are super hilly (read: slow) is that I am finally working my way through my podcast backlog!

I listen to a ton of podcasts, and with my ‘usual’ running schedule, I can barely keep up with the new episodes. But with all of this running, I’ve finally begun clearing out the backlog.


It’s been awhile since I’ve stalled this much at the start of a run. I got up and dressed for my run easily enough, but then I hit a mental brick wall.

I did the dishes, started a load of laundry, and did just about every other chore that needed to be done in order to stall.

Over an hour late, I finally got out the door. After all that futzing, my run wasn’t bad exactly, but it was lacking anything I’d call good. I had zero oomph. But it was done (as were my household chores) so it wasn’t all bad.

In the afternoon I headed over to Truve for the (free!) Community Flex And Stretch class. We focused on stretching out the hips glutes.

Felt sooooo good.


I again did my usual 4-mile route, I’m glad I discovered this route (via others on Strava), that goes up by Oakland High School.

The route ends by going around some of Lake Merritt, which is a bird sanctuary (your fun fact of the day: it’s the country’s first wildlife sanctuary). This time of year, it’s teaming with roaming packs of Canadian Geese. For the most part, they keep to themselves and they get out of your way if you get too close.

Today, they really stood their ground. They were on the sidewalk and they were going to stay on the sidewalk, they weren’t afraid to hiss at me and let me know I’m the one who should move.

Is there a goose equivalent of a full moon? They were all acting funny.


Rest Day!

Next week I am going to IDEA world and Blogfest, a fitness and fitness blogger conference. Today, I started rough packing.

IDEA World is hard to pack for. We get hot and sweaty in workouts, but then freeze in conference rooms during non-workout sessions. I’ll get red-faced and blotchy in the workout, then want to look remotely presentable for networking.

It will take me a few packing attempts to get it right.


On my plan, this was a step back week, but since I know I won’t be running much next week (and definitely won’t be doing my long run), I decided to do a few extra miles (from the planned 12) this week.

I returned to a recently discovered favorite – the Briones Reservoir. While I’m curious to do this loop in the counter-clockwise direction (I have a hunch it will be easier), I decided to again run the loop clockwise since the forecast was for super hot temps and the first 2/3 of the run (when done clockwise) is more exposed, meaning I’d have some shade for the last bit in the hottest part of the day.

I got an early start this morning, but even so, I took the hills (all 2000+ feet of them) slow. While there have been a few super hot runs during training (week 1 long runs I’m looking at you), overall, our temps have been pretty cool, and I know my body isn’t used to these mid-90s days.


Went out to the same basic area as yesterday, to try a new (to me) trail in the EBMUD system – the Old San Pablo Dam trail.

I learned my lesson after last week’s hill monstrosity and I tried to find the course elevation map before I hit this trail, but I couldn’t find one. But seriously, how bad could it be? (famous last words)

I needn’t have feared. This trail is a winner. I predict I’ll be coming back to this trail a lot this summer. It’s largely shaded (so it’s a great option for hot days) and it runs right by the San Pablo Dam Reservoir (still can’t spell ‘reservoir’), so it’s really green and pretty.

The one downside is that in all that greenery was a fair amount of poison oak, so it could be dangerous for someone like me who really reacts to poison oak.

I know that this trail connects with the Briones Reservoir Loop (Saturday’s run), so at some point this summer, I’m sure I’ll try combining these trails.

Week Overall

  • It was an uneventful week, in the best possible way.
  • I didn’t do any strength work, and I don’t feel bad about it. While my long-run mileage didn’t reflect it, this was a step-back week. I decided to make my strength training take a step-back too.
  • I did really well on my goal of diet this week. So much great homemade food every day, but I also remembered the downside of stocking the freezer – it means I have that many more dishes to do. I hate doing dishes under the best of circumstances, but now I have all the extra freezer Tupperware to wash. Boo!
  • Next week is going to be wonky for me on the exercise front. At the conference, I’ll have 2 days of Blogfest (for fitness bloggers) followed by 2 days at IDEA World, a conference for gym owner and personal trainers. So I’ll likely only run Tuesday. Between Blogfest workouts, IDEA World workouts, and Sweat Pink (the sponsors of Blogfest) events before the conference (I’ll be doing my very first Soul Cycle class! EEKKKK!), I’ll be staying active, but I’m not going to make any effort to keep up my running in the midst of it. A week of new workouts and cross training!

Next Week


Planrest4 miles6 miles4 milesrest16 miles8 miles
Actual3 miles6 miles45 min. Soul Cycle Spin45 min. Out Of The Gym, Onto The Beach;
60 min. MEGA Circuit
60 min. Full Frog Body Slam; 30 min. Body-Weight and Foam Rolling110 min. Full-Body Tubing; 110 min. Everlast Striking60 min. Kettlebells

Area of Focus

Embracing New Experiences!

At IDEA World and Blogfest I’ll be meeting new people, trying new classes, and experiencing severe sensory overload.

I want to embrace the opportunities that present themselves, but I also need to practice self-care and protect my introvert self from getting overwhelmed

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