Oregon Coast 50k Training Recap: Week 7

Oregon Coast 50k week7

It is both a step-back week and a recovery week for me, as I face the post-event let down/hangover after my exhausting (but amazing) time at BlogFest.

While I didn’t run much last week, almost 50 miles of walking and (at least) 2 workouts a day were more than enough to require a little bit of recovery.

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Oregon Coast Training Recap

My Training Goals

  • Run one new route every week
  • Run one route with significant elevation gain each week
  • Strength train 2x week
  • Foam roll 1x week
  • 2 trail runs per week

The Plan v. Reality: Week 7

PlanRest4 miles5 miles4 milesRest10 miles10 miles
ActualRest (and foam roll)4 miles5 miles4 milesRest10 miles10 miles

Area of Focus This Week


The Week That Was

Oregon Coast 50k week7


Rest, glorious rest!

I went for my usual lunchtime walk, and did some foam rolling in the evening, but absolutely nothing else.

And I loved every moment of it.


This was my first run in a week, and it really felt like it. I didn’t get into the rhythm of the run until almost a mile in, but my body (eventually) remembered what was what.

There is an increasing number of ‘little free libraries’ around me. This is a double-edged sword. I love them, but 1) I can’t help but stop and check out the books every single time I pass one, and 2) occasionally I’ll find something I want and I’ll have to carry it for the rest of the run.

Today, about a mile into my 4-mile run, I came across one that had a travel sketchbook, the kind with the leather cover (this one is like ‘leather-esque’ or ‘leatherette’, but who cares), with holders to carry colored pencils.

I’ve always wanted one, but not enough to buy one. Score!

But then, of course, I had to carry it for 3 miles!

Today’s little free library find!


Happy 4th of July!

I don’t remember the 4th being such a huge day for races. ‘Firecracker 5ks’ seem to be the new Turkey Trots. I passed on all of the local race options this morning.

Felt really good to return to the trails – yet another visit to the Old San Pablo Dam trail.

I usually wouldn’t drive somewhere for a 5-mile run, but I was missing the trails and I wanted to do something different for the 4th of July.


What a perfect summer morning for a run!

The last few days were June gloomy and my morning runs were a bit on the chill/breezy side.

But this morning? Warm (but not hot), sunny, with just the perfect amount of breeze to keep the air moving around, but not enough to be ‘windy.’

It was the kind of morning that reminded me of why I put up with living in California.


Rest Day!

I’ve felt really good during this recovery week, taking it (relatively) easy. There is a part of my brain that thinks I’m not training enough. My long runs aren’t terribly long and even my back to back runs aren’t very long.

But I have to remind myself that I’m playing the long game.

There is a very specific reason I laid out a training plan that is almost 5 months long- so I can build up gradually and slowly.



A ‘long’ run of ‘only’ 10 miles!?

This weekend’s focus is more about Sunday’s run – increasing the distance of the second day of the back-to-back runs. Building up the body’s ability to run on tired legs.

So Saturday was almost an afterthought. I debated going a little bit longer today since I didn’t do either of my long runs last week, but thought better of it and stuck with 10.

Did a fairly flat trail today, I just wasn’t in the mood for super-hilly craziness.

I felt fine, but I remembered that in many ways, doing flat runs can be just as hard as any hilly run.


I’d forgotten how strange the first few miles of the second run of back-to-back weekends can feel.

I likely didn’t plan today’s route very well either. I did an out and back course, where the first half (the ‘out’ bit) is all uphill. Sure, it’s a gentle and gradual uphill, but uphill non-the less, making it feel even harder.

In the afternoon, I rolled/stretched out my feet with the new Trigger Point Mobipoint Massage Ball, which I got a BlogFest. Couldn’t have gotten this at a more perfect time!

Week Overall

  • After the craziness that was BlogFest, it felt good to get running again. My body (and mind) for sure felt like they were in recovery mode. I intentionally slowed my paces and eventually found my rhythm again.
  • Meeting my goals this week? A mixed bag:
    • Foam roll? Check!
    • Strength train? Total nope. I ODed on doing lunges and squats at IDEA World, and I still can’t bear the thought of another one.
    • Run one new route every week. Sorta. I didn’t do any routes that were totally new, but I did slight variations on my usual routes, which is enough to meet the spirit of goal (not getting in a running rut).
    • Run one route with significant elevation gain each week. Another sorta. My runs were a bit hilly, But significant? Probably not.
    • 2 trail runs per week. Technically yes, in spirit no. Both of my weekend runs were on trails, but they were of the paved and mostly flat variety.
  • I’ve decided that I need to come up with a good 10-mile trail run route. From here on out, many of my Sunday runs are 10 miles, and I don’t feel like I have a great option for it.

Next Week: Week 8 (Already!?)


PlanRest4 miles5 miles4 milesRest16 miles10 miles
ActualRest4 miles5 miles
Stretch class
4 milesRest16 miles10 miles

Area of Focus

Hydration. Seriously, why do I have such a hard time drinking enough water on a regular basis?

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