Oregon Coast 50k Training Recap: Week 14

Runners on the road, running through a vineyard

It’s yet another race-tastic weekend as I head up to Santa Rosa for the Double Barrel Challenge – running the 5k on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday.

I decided it wasn’t crazy enough to just run the marathon, so I decided to pace it as well.

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Oregon Coast Training Recap

Runners on the road, running through a vineyard

My Training Goals

  • Run one new route every week
  • Run one route with significant elevation gain each week
  • Strength train 2x week
  • Foam roll 1x week
  • 2 trail runs per week

The Plan v. Reality: Week 14

Planrest4 miles8 miles4 milesrest24 miles10 miles
Actual2 short workout classes4 miles8 miles4 milesrest5k race26.2!

Area of Focus This Week


The Week That Was


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Its a rare double #medalmonday for me- i was first in my age group at the Golden State 35k over the weekend! As a middle of the pack runner, that is beyond rare. My first reaction is to poopoo the win- pointing out it was a small field, or that age group victories say more about your competitors on a given day than your performance, or that you are more than your race stats. All of those things are true, of course, but it doesn't follow that I should discount the wins when they do come. I felt great on Saturday, and i totally rocked it. That would be true if it had been a huge field and i came in 45th, and its true for a small race too. But on Saturday, the stats worked in my favor for a change. #insidetrailracing #goldenstatetrailrun

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Tried a new app this morning – ClassPass Go. It’s part of this new trend towards audio only fitness apps.

I’m not entirely sold on them, but I want to like them.

This morning I did the ‘Good Morning Flow’ and ‘Simple Seated Hip Mobility’ workouts. Not bad workouts, but I do occasionally find the audio-only format a challenge.

The verbal cues are usually not bad, but every so often there will be a move where I just can’t figure out what I’m supposed to be doing. Sometimes, a picture really is worth a thousand words.


A very unremarkable run.

I felt a little more sluggish than I usually do on my Tuesday runs, but it wasn’t anything too out-of-whack.

I suppose it’s just something I should expect when my long run mileage is creeping up and up.


Went back over to the Old San Pablo Dam trail this morning. I have a weekend full of road racing in store, so I figured I’d better get in a few trail miles while I can.

When I got home, I did the ClassPass Go ‘Stretch It Out’ class, designed for a post-run cooldown. This was the perfect illustration of the issue I have with audio only workout apps.

The moves were great, a solid 10 minute cool down.

However, the instructor drove me insane. I could not have hated her more. When that happens on apps like Nike Training Club, I can mute the audio and still have the visual cues for which move to do and how long to hold it. Maybe I’ll miss a good verbal cue here or there, but not having to listen to an instructor that is driving me nuts is way more important.

But here, there is no option to mute, in fact, I only have audio. I have to listen to this instructor prattle on and on.

Now I’m torn. I’d love to make this workout a more common part of my cooldown, but I can’t stand the idea of listening to her again, so I guess it’s a no-go.

I didn’t like her so much I even looked into if it’s possible to hide all of her workouts in the app. I don’t want to accidentally cross paths with her in the future (note: it’s not currently possible).


The usual loop run. My brain can’t quite wrap my head around the fact I’m running a marathon over the weekend. I’m so used to marathons being such a huge event, with weeks of tapering and prep. Days of carb loading.

While I have upped my carbs, I haven’t been tapering (intentionally). For me, it is just another training run, that happens to have a bid number, and in my case a pacing sign.


Only my morning stretching this morning before I head up to Santa Rosa for the first of three days of marathon festivities.

I don’t do many ‘real’ marathons anymore – road races with expos and ‘no race day bib pick up’ rules. It kinda reminds me of why I prefer little races where you just show up on race day and do your thing.

But at least when you have a real expo there is the chance of freebies! I already got a free pair of Lululemon socks for stopping by their store with my race confirmation.

Yeah free stuff! Especially when it’s quality free stuff!


The Santa Rosa 5k.

I can’t even tell you the last time I did a real 5k race. And now I remember why I don’t do them very often.

It’s a blow to the ego to be trounced by 7-year-olds. I was cut off more times than I can count. I got the feeling the race was largely populated with runners that don’t know race etiquette (specifically: you need to leave more than a foot of space between you and the person you are cutting in front of).

But I felt good for this little shakeout run.


The Santa Rosa Marathon!

A full recap will be posted on Tuesday, but the highlights:

I was a pacer for the 4:53 marathon pace group, and I finished in 4:52.35, so couldn’t have been more on-point than that.

I think this was the most uneventful marathon I’ve ever run. No physical pain, no mental ‘wall’, I just plugged away at it for 5 hours with nothing much of note happening (which is a very good thing).

Like Golden State last week, I also had a bit of time warp happening. I sure I don’t feel like I ran for nearly 5 hours.

As a runner, it was a great race. As an individual pacer, it was a great race, but I did have one fairly major annoyance, but that is beyond the scope of a training recap post.

Consider that a teaser for the upcoming full recap.

Week Overall

  • I knew I was well-trained going into this marathon, but I still wasn’t sure how I’d do. I felt unusually scattered in the days before the marathon. Like I mentioned, without the full-on taper, it just didn’t feel marathon-y. I also wasn’t entirely sure how all of my trail mileage would translate back to the road.
  • For the time being, I’m gonna do a few more workouts from the ClassPass Go app (taking extra note to avoid the instructor from Wednesday’s class). I like the content of all the classes I’ve done so far, it’s just a matter if I can find instructors I like.

Next Week


Planrest4 miles10 miles4 milesrest10 miles10 miles
Actual10 milesRest4 miles4 milesRest10 miles10 miles

Area of Focus

Stretching. While Santa Rosa was ‘only’ a training run, I still need to take care of myself post-run and do lots of stretching and foam rolling.

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