Pigeon Point and Año Nuevo

Pigeon Point lighthouse

I’ve been doing many California road trips lately. Taking advantage of unique, only in California adventures.

One recent outing was to the Pigeon Point Light Station SHP (that is ‘state historic park’ for the non-park geeks out there). Specifically, to the youth hostel that is in the out-buildings of the lighthouse.

Hostel Flashbacks

It’s been well over a decade since I’ve stayed in a youth hostel.

This one brought me back into the fold with the promise of hot tub overlooking the ocean (who knew youth hostels had ocean-view hot tubs?). The tub did have an amazing view, the only downside is that (for safety I suppose) there is a minimum of 2 users at a time and I was traveling alone.

Thankfully the front desk staff knew of another solo traveler and my hot tubbing was on. The view did not disappoint (I was there as dusk turned to night, so none of the pictures turned out very well).

Elephant Seals at Año Nuevo

On the same trip, I took a walk at Año Nuevo State Beach.

This is the beach where elephant seals mate and rear pups. Bless them, elephant seals are loud, ugly and one of the more disgusting creatures around, but still fun to watch.

I was there in pupping season, so access to the beach was severely limited. Walks could only be done as part of docent lead tours, but the outing was still fun.