Puffin Picks January 2019

Puffin Picks

After a brief holiday hiatus, Puffin Picks are back! These picks are the things making me happy, making me smile, and that I’m loving.

It’s usually a combination of running gear, podcasts, and TV shows and movies. Sometimes my picks are new loves and sometimes they are old loves that I’m finding a new appreciation for.

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Note: Some of these links are Amazon affiliate links where I may be compensated if you purchase items or click on the links. Read my full affiliate policy. I only link to items I have, use, or want and would recommend regardless of potential reward.

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Puffin Picks


Zensah Compression Sleeves

The jury is still out on the effectiveness of wearing compression gear on the run, but it’s pretty well decided that there is some benefit to wearing compression gear for recovery.

I’ll often wear calf compression sleeves after a long run or after a race. I’ll also wear sleeves on the run for my stranger doings like my back-to-back-to-back New Year’s runs and races. I find some benefit to them on the run, even if it is only in my head.

Many companies sell compression gear, personally, I like Zensah.

They have your plain color options, but they also make limited-edition prints which are super fun. I’ve gotten more comments on my pineapple compression sleeves than any other piece of running gear I own. I also have a pair of pop-art sleeves (I call them my comic book sleeves) that I got from the CEO of Zensah himself at an event I attended.

They have new limited-edition patterns weekly, so check back often.

Why get boring black when there are so many fun options to be had?


Honey Stinger Pink Grapefruit Chews

My favorite fuel for long runs are chews. They have a little more substance than a gel, but are more easily digestible than ‘real food.’

Having something to chew on tricks my brain into thinking I’m eating something more substantial than I, in fact, am. The blocks made by the different fuel companies vary greatly in texture. Gu chews tend to be firmer and chewier, Honey Stinger Chews are softer, Clif Blocs in my experience vary wildly in texture from pack to pack.

I don’t think about Honey Stinger products all that often, but on a recent run, I was given a pack of the Honey Stinger Chews in Pink Grapefruit and I was reminded of how much I like them.

They are super soft and are a bit smaller in size, so I could take one block every 30 minutes or so and it felt like the pack lasted forever. And the flavor had a grapefruit tartness that was a great change of pace from the usually super-sweet block flavors.

My second place chew? Clif Bloks in margarita flavor (basically lemon-lime with a dash of salt). Happy margarita thoughts are always welcome midrun.

Body Glide Foot

A sure sign I need to buy new running shoes is that I’ll start developing a hot spot on my arches – almost always on the right foot only. Heaven knows why I usually only have issues on the right foot.

I know I should take the hint and just buy a new pair of shoes, but I always put that off as long as possible.

My new temporary stop-gap measure is a thick coating of Body Glide Foot. I’ve used OG body glide for ages, but have only recently started using the foot version on longer runs when I think I may have an issue.

I’m still getting hot spots on runs over 18(ish) miles (even with the Body Glide), but on runs of distances that are a little more sane, I’m hot-spot free.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

I’ve written about Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries before, but it remains one of my favorite TV series. I’ve just started re-watching the series (again), and have been reminded why I love it so much.

Set in Australia in the 1920’s, Miss Fisher is a ‘lady detective’ who’s always at the center of the action and always wearing the most amazing outfits.

It’s worth watching for the clothes alone.

The TV show is based on a book series. I’ve read the first 2 in the series and wasn’t terribly impressed. However, that may only be because I love the TV show so much it would be hard for any book to live up to that. But also lacking the book series is the flirtation between Miss Fisher and Detective Inspector Jack Robinson, which is one of the best parts of the show.

Three seasons of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is on Netflix

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