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The featured photo this week is the city of Oakland from the Mormon Temple. A view almost worth the 5-mile uphill run to get there. OK, the view (at least on clear days) is totally worth the run. Join me for the Oakland Marathon this March (I’ll be pacing the 5-hour group) and see the view for yourself.

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My personal affiliate link guideline: Would I recommend this to my mom?

This Week’s Puffin Picks

Puffin Picks 0126

66° North Vik Fleece Jacket

Given my Puffin theme, both for my newsletter and this newly re-branded feature, I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to include any Iceland themed items on the list. I was there a few years ago and completely fell in love with the country.

One of the photos I took near the puffin colony

66° North is an Iceland based company, and trust me, those Icelanders know how to keep warm!

The Vik jacket is made of fleece and has a tight fitting hood and that zips up all the way to your nose. I’m the first to admit I can look a little goofy wearing this, but its benefits more than makeup for it.

I bought this jacket when I was in Reykjavik. Others I was traveling with all but laughed at me. Then we were out in the cold Iceland nights (even in June during the midnight sun, the nights are cold), and they weren’t laughing at me anymore. The hood did not let in a single atom of wind. (Two of my traveling companions bought the same jacket when we returned to town).

This is my go-to for long run mornings. It is perfect for keeping warm in the car or as I’m standing around for a race to start. It’s also perfect to keep the post-run chill away – even on the hottest of days, I get chilled after a long run.

Soft and fuzzy fleece on the inside (my love of soft and fuzzy rears its head again!), with super long arms (almost too long), and thumbholes.

I’m a sucker for thumbholes.

It doesn’t have pockets, which is my only knock against it.

Solebon Solitaire

I’ve always loved solitaire. Give me a deck of cards and I’ll amuse myself for hours. More often these days my solitaire is virtual, but I can still amuse myself for hours.

I’ve spent entire plane rides doing nothing but playing solitaire.

Two advantages of virtual solitaire:

  • Shuffling and layout is a lot faster, especially for games like Colorado that take forever to layout if you are playing with real cards.
  • It’s a great way to learn new games since the app imposes the rules on you,

There is no shortage of solitaire apps, but my favorite is Solebon Solitaire. Lots of game options, it’s free and (currently at least) has no ads.

My current obsession is Russian Revolver, but you can’t go wrong with a classic game of Klondike.

Another app (appropriately) tucked away in my folder called ‘time wasters.’

Buff Hat

I’ve written before about my love of Buffs. They are just as great in summer (for sweat rags) as they are in winter for warmth.

In the cold, I really want my ears covered. I’ve found covering my ears makes a huge difference in how comfortable I am on the run. I figure covering my ears gives me a good 10-degree cushion on how I’m dressed. I can get away with short sleeves on a day I otherwise couldn’t if my ears are covered.

Buffs are perfect for ear coverage, but one issue I have with Buffs is I can’t ever seem to make the ‘normal’ Buffs work under a hat.  Even Buff headbands don’t seem to fit right under a hat.

At a race a few years ago – the Minnesota Hot Dash – I got what amounted to a Buff beanie hat. It covers my ears and fits easily under a baseball hat!

This hat completely meets my affiliate standards- not only did I recommend this to my mom, I bought her one.

I couldn’t find the Hot Dash ones still for sale, but the same race organizers have the same product for a different race.

New Years Race
Wearing my Hot Dash buff-style beanie at the New Year’s Day Half Marathon

Buff now also makes their own version.

Dum Dums

I have a serious sweet tooth.

I’m always on the hunt for something sweet I can have on hand, but that I won’t eat all of at once (if I get a bag of Reese’s I’ll eat them all in one sitting). Dum Dums fit the bill perfectly. I continually forget how much I like them, then I get one at a restaurant or as a freebie at store checkout and I remember all over again how much I enjoy them.

Recently at Target, I bought a huge bag of the ‘Summertime Favorites’ Dum Dums. Flavors include: banana split, strawberry milkshake, peach tea, lemonade, and a few others (all are delicious).

Good thing they last for years (the bag I bought expires in 2020). Even enjoying them regularly, it’s been a few months and I haven’t made a dent in the bag.

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