Puffin Picks 2.23

Puffin Picks 02 23

As marathon training slowly creeps up into peak mileage (and through race week), I find myself trying fewer new things. I stick pretty close to home (not that I need an excuse to be a homebody) and learn to enjoy and appreciate the things I already have, use and love.

This week is no different.

Puffin Picks 02 23

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Arm Warmers

This can be an odd time of year for running in the Bay Area. As we gather for long runs early in the morning it can in the 40s. By the time I finish a few hours later, it can be in the 60s or 70s.

My adage for races is that if you are comfortable at the start you are overdressed. That works for races – I’m more willing to put up with being uncomfortable for a while on race day, but I am less apt to do that for a training run.

So I need to find the balance – I don’t want to be too cold at the start (so I don’t want to start in a tee-shirt in 40 degrees). But I don’t want to be too hot during the run (so I don’t want to wear long sleeves on the run). But I also don’t want to have to carry extra layers for an hours-long run.

What’s a girl to do?

Arm warmers!

Finishing last years New Year’s run with my Asics Arm Warmers

Perfect! My arms are covered (and warm) at the start, but as the day warms up they can be rolled down or easily taken off and stuffed in my hydration pack.

It does create the question: should the Garmin go over or under the arm warmers? If that is the hardest decision I have to make on a run, I’m OK with that. For me, the Garmin usually goes over – it’s rare that I take arm warmers totally off. Even on hotter days, I keep them on as sun protection or as sweat rags.

My go-to pairs are Lululemon Swiftly (I have them in several colors, though it appears they now only make them in boring black).  I like that they have grippies the top to stay in place. I also have an Asics pair.

Altered Carbon

I don’t watch a ton of sci-fi, so it was unusual that this show caught my eye. On paper, there is no part of this show that should appeal to me. And yet, I binged 6 (of 10) episodes in one sitting.

The general idea is that at some point in the future, our consciousness can be switched out between bodies (being re-sleeved in their lingo).

It’s an interesting mix of sci-fi and cyberpunk, but they also managed a bit of Victorian eeriness (in the form of an AI hotel obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe- I want a spin-off series that’s all Poe).

Be warned: there is a whole lotta nudity (male and female), so if that’s not your thing, give this show a pass.

Road Runner Sports Capris

Capri pants are pretty much the only bottoms I wear in the winter months.

I don’t like running in full-length pants, although I’ve never been able to articulate why –  do my calves get claustrophobic? I always look forward to nicer weather days to break out my RypWear skirt,  but 9 times out of 10, in the winter I’m in my capris.

SpeedPro Compression capris from Road Runner Sports have been my go-to capris for years.

You can tell I’m a runner from my tan lines – a permanent Garmin tan and a permanent Capri pant tan. It’s not so bad now, but back when I regularly wore knee-length skirts for work it was kinda sad. I’d have tan caves, my capri tan line, and white knees before the hem of the skirts hit.

Tan calves and white knees is not a good look.

Oakland Marathon Training Recap 6
Wearing my RRS capris at the Golden Gate Bridge

Conspiracy Theories

The podcast network Parcast has been on a roll lately.

First, they came out with the excellent Cults (which is in equal parts terrifying and kind of sad). Their latest show is Conspiracy Theories.

The show is new, but thus far each theory has been structured the same way. A theory (Area 51 & the death of Princess Diana have been covered so far) has 2 episodes. The first is the widely accepted version of the events, and the second covers the various conspiracies and how plausible they are.

The hosts don’t believe in conspiracy theories so they come to the stories (I think) with the right amount of skepticism. They are, however (and I fall into the same camp) intellectually fascinated about where the theories originate and what they say about us as a society.

Worth a listen.


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