Puffin Picks March

Puffin Picks March 2019

With my training mileage really ramping up, I’ve been super happy I found an app that pays me cash to run…

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Puffin Picks March 2019

Puffin Picks – March

What is making me happy this month


Bosch is an Amazon Prime show based on the series of novels by Michael Connelly. I’ve read some of the books, and while I like Connelly’s writing, I’ve found the books to be a little hit or miss.

I’d heard good things about the Amazon adaptation, and I love the star – Titus Welliver (The Man In Black from Lost) but for whatever reason, I just never got around to it. Then I recently found myself in the mood for a good, solid, well-written cop show that would be entertaining, but wouldn’t be too convoluted or violent.

Bosch perfectly fit the bill.

It’s about an L.A. detective (the very cliché, scotch drinking, jazz-listening, ‘doesn’t play by the rules’ detective of so many mystery books), and the series focuses on one big case each season.

The first 4 seasons of Bosch are on Amazon Prime video and the 5th season is coming in April


I do love my coffee in the morning, but I live alone and I really only want one cup, so a regular coffee maker would be a waste.

I am 1000% against Keurig single-cup coffee makers because of the sheer volume of waste they generate and while french presses are great, they can be annoying to clean.

Enter: the Aeropress. I got this coffee maker years ago from my brother, and it is a great way to make a single cup of coffee.

It might not be as fancy as the single cup-pour over stuff you can get at Philz, but with the Aeropress, I don’t have to fight hipster millennials downing avocado and labnah toast, which keeps my sanity in check.

The Stick

While training for the American River 50, I’ve really upped my foam rolling game. But rolling isn’t always a great option (specifically: when I’ve just finished a run and want to roll out immediately – foam rollers aren’t exactly parking lot friendly).

Enter: The Stick 

Their tag line: A toothbrush for muscles.

A central rod, surrounded by spindles that roll independently over your muscles.

Many of the same benefits as foam rollers, but much more travel (and parking lot) friendly. I have the smaller travel version, which is super easy to throw in the back of the car.

Just a quick 5 minutes with the stick immediately after a long run can feel soooo good.

SPIbelt Double Pocket Belt

I got my first SPIbelt (short for small, personal item belt) at the Las Vegas Marathon expo forever ago. It’s great to hold keys or your phone on the run and it doesn’t bounce or jostle at all.

One of my newer SPIbelts (I’m a brand ambassador for SPIbelt, so I often get to try new models) has quickly become my favorite: the double pocket SPIbelt.

One large pocket (perfectly phone-sized), and a smaller pocket (perfectly key-sized).

Now I can carry my phone and my keys without concern for scratching up the phone face. It can also be used to carry both a phone and a GU, without fear of getting your phone all sticky from GU residue.

My Achievement

My Achievement Is an app that links to various apps (Strava, Garmin, Fitbit) and awards you points for healthy activities like walking, running, sleeping, and (since my Hidrate Spark water bottle is linked to my Fitbit account) drinking water.

When you hit 10,000 points, they send $10 to your PayPal account.

I was suspicious at first. I was sure it was a scam, but it isn’t.

Based on my activity level, I hit 10,000 points every 3-4 months and poof – $10 is sent to PayPal.

Is it counterproductive if I earmark my achievement money for cupcakes or pizza?

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