Puffin Picks 3.23

Puffin Picks

I’m running the Oakland Marathon this weekend! As usually happens in the weeks before a marathon, I’ve been layin’ low lately. I haven’t been doing anything new or eating anything new.

It’s not exciting, but it usually leads to a good marathon.

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My Puffin Picks

Not surprisingly, my picks this week are largely recovery based.

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Zensah Compression Gear

I’m a Zensah ambassador for 2018!

Zensah makes compression gear, though I’ve only used the calf compression sleeves.

I don’t tend to run in compression gear, and when I do, it’s more likely to protect my legs from poison oak than for any of the compression benefits.

However, I do swear by compression gear for recovery. After nearly every long run and race, I put on leg compression sleeves as soon as I’m showered and wear them around for the rest of the day.

I’ve had a blue pair of Zensah calf sleeves forever (I feel odd talking about ‘sleeves’ after watching Altered Carbon on Netflix- that’s what they call the bodies they slip in an out of), but I didn’t know until recently that Zensah makes limited edition socks and sleeves in fun patterns.

So cute!

I immediately fell in love with the pineapple sleeves on the Zensah limited edition site. I’m not sure why they make me as happy as they do, I guess you can’t wear pineapples wearing sunglasses without smiling.

I was bummed because they were sold out. (boo!)

Then they made more. (yeah!)

Then I got my hands on them (super yeah!)

Zensah Pineapple Sleeves
My Zensah pineapple calf sleeves

Such an emotional roller coaster to get my hands on pineapples wearing sunglasses!


This one is for Oakland locals only.

I’ve recently discovered a great gym in Oakland: Truve (short of ‘Vitruvian’ as in DiVinci’s Vitruvian Man) through a fitness bloggers group I belong to.

Truve has the usual selection of gym classes, but what makes them unique (and what makes me want to support them) is the owner has each instructor teach a few free community classes each week. These classes are open to everyone and were designed specifically to help people in the community who can’t afford gym memberships, or that don’t feel welcome at other gyms.

There is at least one free community class a day in all topics: pilates, kettlebells, HIIT, TRX, Bootcamp.

I’ve been going to the Wednesday Stretch and Flex class the last few weeks. It’s very nice and foam rolly. I tend to short-change my stretching and foam rolling when I’m on my own clock, so this class is a good way to make sure I spend enough time rolling.

I’m looking forward to trying more the classes (community and otherwise) after my marathon is done (TRX and Kettlebells are top of my list).

It’s on Broadway near downtown, right next to Drake’s Dealership. Take a class and then hit happy hour?

What a great idea! Don’t mind if I do.


I follow many blogs, and the list grows ever longer as I meet other bloggers and want to follow their work.

But I also find it annoying and time-consuming to keep track of and visit however many websites, especially when they don’t publish on a regular schedule.

What’s a girl to do?

Use Feedly!

Feedly is a web-aggregator (like the old Google Reader (RIP) if you used that).

Create an account and subscribe to all the websites you want to follow. All the blog posts and articles from those sites will appear on a single page that you can scroll through whenever you want.

What a perfect way to make sure you never miss a post of your favorite running blog!

Just enter ‘sarakurth.com’ in the ‘Add Content’ tab to add me to your Feedly (I’m just sayin’)!


I didn’t really know what to expect from Narcos. I don’t have much interest in the South American drug kingpins of the 80s and 90s, but when I hear nothing but raves from people whose opinion I trust, I’ll give a show a shot.

What can I say… I’m hooked.

The first two season focus on Pablo Escobar, the third on the Cali Cartel.

The show is bilingual, pretty much 50/50 English and Spanish, so be prepared for a little reading, although my Spanish must be better than I thought – I could actually follow along with the Spanish bits!

Narcos is on Netflix

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