Puffin Picks May 2019

Puffin Picks 0519

I’m still in between training cycles, so I haven’t been running a ton (though that will be changing soon!).

But that doesn’t mean I’m sitting around twiddling my thumbs! I’ve been keeping busy, meaning my picks are mostly non-running related this month.

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Puffin Picks

Puffin Picks 0519


This is a little more esoteric than my usual picks, but I’ve been doing a lot of volunteer work lately, and that always makes me happy.

I’ve always been a supporter of volunteering at races, and I’ve been doing that in spades while I’m in between training cycles. Helping other runners accomplish their race day goals always warms my heart a little. And since the race companies around here give free race entries to volunteers, I’m also amassing a stash of free races to fill up my summer running calendar.

I also regularly volunteer with a local animal rescue agency, helping to adopt cats. We’ve just entered kitten season (and yes, there is a kitten season), and spending time with 2-month-old fluff balls can only make your day better.

This week, we partnered with LucasFilm to host a kitten and puppy party for their employees (why have I never worked for a company that had kitten and puppy parties?)


Based on the feedback, we helped lower the stress level there by at least half.

Find a group or charity that supports a cause you believe in and help them out!

It will do your heart good!

GoPro Hero7

Tecnu (the best poison oak wash around and my first stop after a trail run) recently sent me a GoPro Hero 7.

I’m still playing around with my new toy, figuring out what it can do, but my first outing with it was to do a time lapse video at a recent race aid station volunteer gig.

It’s super easy to use since it can be controlled by an app on your phone.

My YouTube videos went on hiatus during our cold, rainy winter (it was too cold to stop and film on my runs – I usually wanted nothing more than to get home and warm up), but my new GoPro will likely mean new videos (and new kinds of videos) will be coming soon to a YouTube near you.

Let the video experimentation begin!

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I’m just putting the final touches on my first book (coming out in June) (eek!).

Scrivner is writing software specifically for writers and is so much more conducive to writing that drafting in something like Microsoft Word.

You can write your document on little cards (designed to mimic the index cards many writers use when drafting), and then easily move around the sections until you find just the right flow.

And right after my own heart? Scrivner has the ability to color code the status of different sections, so I can tell at a glance what sections are in a first draft and which sections are ready for copy editing

I can’t imagine writing any other way.

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High Seas

High Seas is an 8 episode TV show on Netflix that perfectly scratches my Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries itch

It’s a Spanish show about two sisters traveling on a ship from Spain to Brazil in the late 40’s. Murder, intrigue, flirting, and fabulous outfits ensue.

The dresses and the art deco design of the ship alone make it worth checking out.

The first season of High Seas is on Netflix.

Side note: Not that anyone asked, but I checked out a few of the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries books. I wasn’t impressed with them, but then again, they had the TV show to live up to and that’s a high bar to reach.

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