Puffin Picks: Fitness Conference Edition 2018

puffin pick blogfest

Last month, I attended Fitness BlogFest and IDEA World, a fitness and fitness blogging conference in San Diego. BlogFest and IDEA World is four days of networking, working out, and hanging out with like-minded fitness folk.

And then there is the swag…

There are welcome bags from our sponsors, swag bags from the companies hosting our workouts, and freebies from the IDEA World Expo hall (with 350+ fitness and nutrition booths).

I’ve sorted through it all, and here are my favorites.

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puffin pick blogfest

Trigger Point

In my last Puffin Picks post, I extolled the virtues of rolling out and stretching your feet.

What should I get in my Blogfest goodie bag?

A Trigger Point MobiPoint! Perfect for rolling out my feet!

Trigger Point had a little lounge for us outside of our conference rooms with mats and foam rollers. I can’t tell you how amazing it felt to be able to roll out after sitting for an hour. Especially since we often went from tough, sweaty workouts to conference sessions.

I also got a Trigger Point Foam Roller, a definite upgrade from my generic foam cheapie I had been using at home.

Kettle Gryp

The Kettle Gryp was another perfect timing item.

At IDEA World, I took a kettlebell class and I got all inspired to add more kettlebell moves into my regular workouts.

One problem. I don’t own any kettlebells, and I wasn’t too keen to buy a bunch of new gear.

Enter: The Kettle Gryp.

The Kettle Gryp is a gadget that you attach to any dumbbell to make it function as a kettlebell.

Dumbells I have. So, thanks to the Kettle Gryp, I now have a kettlebell!

Almond Tins

One of the BlogFest sponsors was California Almonds, so we had all-you-can-eat almonds for days!

We also got this super blossom cute tin, which just happens to hold 1 serving of almonds (approximately 1 ounce).

They also have reusable shopping totes in the same blossom pattern. You can never have too many adorable reusable shopping bags!

Be Better Bar Protein Wafer Bars

Be Better Bars are healthy high-protein chocolate bars. Many flavors have no gluten or dairy, and all of them have no artificial flavors or colors.

They come in two forms: Protein Squares (the Carmel & Almond one? OMG) and Protein Wafer Bars.

I am all about the wafer bars. Wafer, nut butter, and nuts. It has all the textures and all the tastes.

And since they are high in protein, that makes it a perfect post-run snack, right?

Perfection Detox

Our first speaker at BlogFest was Petra Kolber. She talked about ‘the Perfection Detox’ – letting go of the perfectionism that can so often hold us back.

It was a great talk, by the end of it, I felt like I could take over the world.

I did a sketchnote of it after (because that is the kind of thing I do). Usually when I do a skechnote, I do a general layout and start over at least twice to correct issues. Given the theme of the talk, I did it once and tried to let go of perfectionism, keeping in my misspellings, mistakes, odd spacing, and my immediately-regretted decision to draw a scale is hard.

It says something about our culture, that it is waaaay harder emotionally to be imperfect than it is to work 4 times as hard to be ‘perfect.’

Petra shared my Instagram post on her social media, so now my mistakes are going out to an even wider audience. EEEEEKKKKK!

Petras Book The Perfection Detox comes out in August.

Haiku RFID Wallet

The most practical item we got was a Haiku card wallet.

Mine was filled my business cards in a matter of minutes, ready for networking.

It has RFID protection, which doesn’t matter much for my business cards, but it will once my real cards get in it.

Still In Testing

A few products got on my radar at IDEA World that are still in testing mode.

These don’t strictly pass my linking criteria since I can’t (yet) fully recommend them while I’m still testing them out, but I am so intrigued and excited by them both, I have to at least give them a mini-shout out.

Hidrate Spark

A ‘smart’ water bottle.

As any regular reader of my training recaps already knows, while I always have the best intentions to drink enough water,  I often fall short.

The Spark connects to an app (because of course it does, this is 2018, everything connects to an app), to track how much water you drink.

Oh yeah, the bottle lights up – either as a reminder to drink or when you aren’t drinking enough (you can choose which). One is coming my way to test out, so hopefully I’ll soon find out what it is like to truly be sufficiently hydrated!

Fitness Genes 

A fitness program that is based on your DNA profile.

From their website: “Nothing is more personal than your DNA. Use it to personalize your fitness too. We unlock your unique genetic code to identify the workout, nutrition and lifestyle strategies that are most effective for you.”

I’m not sure what my DNA can say about how I should workout, but I’ll soon find out.

They are processing my DNA as we speak.


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