Puffin Picks 12.14

Puffin Picks

I recently traveled home to Minnesota to visit family. That gave me the perfect chance to remember one old favorite and try out a (soon-to-be) new favorite.

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Puffin Picks

Puffin Picks

Icebreaker Base Layers

When I was in New Zealand, nearly a decade ago (my gosh, was it that long ago?), a tour guide introduced me to the brand Icebreaker. They make performance merino wool products designed for outdoor living.

It was a bit of a revelation – not that wool is a great product – that I knew. But I always thought of wool being itchy and uncomfortable. Merino (at least when done by Icebreaker) isn’t.

I have many pieces from Icebreaker, long outer layers, summer workout wear tank tops, a multi-purpose travel sweater, a great post-run dress.

Me rocking my Icebreaker dress and pineapple compression sleeves after the Salt Point 26k. Im a fashion icon, what can I say?

My latest acquisitions are Icebreaker base layers. I don’t have a ton of need for base layers and long underwear in the bay area unless I’m camping (which I don’t do all that often), but then… I traveled to the great white north (Minnesota).

Layered up and ready to head out.

If you don’t know, Minnesota gets cold in December. Whatever cold tolerance I once had from growing up there has long since past.

I now need all the layers I can get.

The amazing thing about merino is you can wear it for several days and it doesn’t get smelly (perfect for traveling), and it keeps you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm.

I don’t understand how that works, but I can vouch for it being true.

Note: Icebreaker sent me free products to review, though the opinions are my own. I’ve loved, and had many pieces of Icebreaker gear (purchased with my own money), for years.

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

When I’m at home, I have a pair of Bose over-the-ear noise canceling headphones that I love and use constantly. But even with their snazzy carrying case, they are a bit bulky to travel with.

Years ago, I also got the Bose in-ear noise canceling headphones. I don’t use them very often. In fact, I often forget I have them. But I remembered them just in time to add them to my travel pack last week.

The in-ear headphones are comfortable and work shockingly well (the noise canceling technology is in a small lighter-sized pack built into the cord). Whenever I use them, I doubt that they will work, and then they do – really well.

Nearly all of the roar of the airplane engines was removed as I blissfully listened to music during the flight. The in-ear version is rechargeable, which is so much nicer than the battery-eating over-the-ear version.

They now have a wireless version too (which I have not tried), I have the OG wired version.

Body Glide

I’ve used (and loved) body glide for years. On runs over 13 or 14 miles, I liberally apply it to prevent issues. I love the tube applicator (which means I don’t have to get my hands and gross and greasy).

I recently got a full slate of Body glide products, meaning I’ve had a bunch of new options to try out (I’d only used the original version before).

Body Glide
My new Body Glide stash – before I tore open all the packaging and tried it all.

My new loves:

  • Sun – with SPF. Great for necklines and other areas that need chafe protection and still may see the sun (or simply as a sunscreen)
  • Foot – I usually run with Injinji toe socks, which has done away with the need for blister protection between my toes (my once upon a time major blister issue). But what has been an issue for me lately is a hot spot on the inner arch of my foot. I know this is a sign I need to get a new pair of shoes, but I’m stalling on that, so Body Glide Foot has been a great gap-filling option to do away with my arch hotspot.
  • Women’s – full disclosure: I’m usually not a fan of women-specific products (make it pink and increase the price!), but women’s body glide is just like the regular stuff, but includes moisturizers. I’m not sure why what makes it ‘women’s’ (don’t men need moisturizing?), but in any case, it’s just as effective.

Note: Body glide sent me these products to test, but the opinions are my own. Like Icebreaker, I’ve used and loved Body Glide products for years.

ChapStick Total Hydration

As a girl with short hair, if I go totally make-up-less I get called ‘sir’ a lot.

While I often go with little makeup, it’s rare I’m out without at least a tinted lip balm. And while I have many options, many of which are fancy versions from expensive cosmetics companies, two of my current favorites are from the ChapStick Total Hydration line.

Chapstick Total Hydration
Some of my Chap Stick Total collection.

Cheap and available at any drugstore. Just the right amount of color and so soft on the lips.

My current go-to favs:

  • Total Hydration Moister + Tint (Merlot color)
  • Total Hydration Tinted Lip Oil (Blushed Bonze color)

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