Random Passing Thoughts on a Trail Run

Bear Creek trail run

Sometimes I wish I had some sort of dictation device with me during long runs. Especially on a trail run or other races where the environment provides all sorts of novel distractions and chances for my mind to wander.

I also pay much more attention to my surroundings during trail runs and races. The added attention seems to fuel my already overactive imagination.

This is likely more insight into my thought processes than anyone would ever want, but here, in no particular order, are just a few of the passing thoughts I had during a recent trail race (at least the ones I could remember after the fact)

  • How can I still be running uphill?
  • I should have trained better
  • Is that a snake? Nope, a twig
  • I should have eaten better yesterday
  • I should have had more water yesterday
  • How can there be more uphill?
  • What is that rustling the bushes?
  • When was the last time I saw a trail-marking flag? Am I off course?
  • Will I find a body? On TV, hikers and runners always find the body.
  • Why is there always a super chatty group behind me? How can they still be so chatty and peppy?
  • How can I still be going uphill? I must have run out of uphill by now
  • How can I only have gone 2 miles? I still have 11 to go?
  • Shade, I need shade. Why is it so sunny out?
  • There are still higher hills around me, so I’ll just go ahead and assume I’ll be going uphill until I’m at the tallest point around
  • Are my thighs starting to chafe already?
  • Is that a snake? Oh crap, it is!
  • I’ve only been running for an hour? It feels like I’ve been at this for days.
  • Food. I want food.
  • I finally get a downhill and it’s so covered in tree roots that I can’t run!? That’s not fair. I feel like I should actually run at some point during this trail run
  • Really? still uphill?
  • Am I lost? Why is there suddenly no one around me?
  • Just once could I run with the wind and not against it
  • I want an ice-cold can of Coke
  • Seriously, what is that rustling in the bushes?
  • I’m bored. Am I done yet? How can I not be done yet?
  • [about a passing runner] How are you keeping your shoes so spotless? I’m a dusty mess.
  • What should I order from the pizza place when I get home?
  • I can hear the finish line music, I must be getting close…
  • [and hour later] … I can still hear the finish line music
  • Am I lost? I haven’t seen a flag in… Oh, no… there’s one
  • [about a passing runner] How have you not even broken a sweat? I dripping in buckets over here
  • Do I want pizza or should I stop somewhere for a burger on the way home?
  • I want french fries.
  • Still going uphill?
  • Am I lost?

In considering what I think about on runs, I am surprised at how many questions I ask myself. Is that normal? Ack! I can’t stop asking myself questions.


Trail Running True Crime Addicts

Because I still have an overactive imagination on the run, I created a new list. I love trail running and I love true crime TV and podcasts.

It isn’t always a great combination.

Thoughts of a true crime loving trail runner


4 thoughts on “Random Passing Thoughts on a Trail Run

  1. Love this. Love to run. Just had to partial knee replacement in 2016, and I am healed and ready to go. I like to trail run and run on flat surfaces away from cars.

    1. I’m glad to hear the knee replacement and recovery went well. I agree- not having to fight car traffic and road intersections is a big upside of running trails.

  2. Hi .. for me when I am dead tired .. I try to hear the sound of any motor vehicles or people around. That’s means the finishing point or check point is nearby.. !

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