What I Remind Myself Every Time I Start

running reminders when I start

I’ve been running marathons for more than half my life. You’d think I’d know what to expect by now. But there are a few running reminders I need to give myself every time I start a new marathon training cycle.

Even after 20+ marathons, every single time, a few things take me by surprise. I’m not sure how that is possible, and yet it is.

So now I have a list. Before I register for the next great adventure, I pull it out and remind myself of what I am in for.

The Challenge

It’s more mentally challenging that I expect.

Physically, do the training runs and it’s all good.

Mentally, now that is where the real challenge lies. The real struggle, especially during the long runs, is battling the little inner voice telling me it’s hard and I should stop. To succeed, I’ll need to learn as many mental exercises as physical ones.

Series of Arguements

The Boredom

Long runs are really, really long. They take a really long time to finish.  It will take every bit of my willpower to keep going, not because I can’t physically go on, but because I am bored and want to stop.

Train your mind

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Decision Making

Don’t make an impulsive decision (for example: to quit) immediately after a long run. Especially if it was a bad one.

Bad runs will happen. Wanting to quit will happen. Do not let those two items meet.

Go home, shower, eat real food, take a nap. If I’m really are going to consider quitting, make sure it is because I no longer want to run the marathon, not because it is hard.

What you want to do in the moment


I will need a good jog bra, good shoes, and a good training plan. Stick with what works. Everything else can be experimented with.

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Running Gear

Runner Gear


I am capable of so much more than I can imagine.

I have never met anyone who on day 1 of training thought: “I am totally capable of doing this.”

I include myself in this. I’ve finished many, many marathons, and there still is a glimmer of doubt when I start.

There is always some degree of worry. Many people think: ‘maybe I can do this, maybe I can’t, but what the hell, let’s give it a try.’

Ignore the doubt and the concerns. Focus on doing the work each day. I can totally do it.

And you can totally do it too.


what I need to remember


6 thoughts on “What I Remind Myself Every Time I Start

  1. i’m training for my first marathon i’m 50 been running since 19 , Nervous & excited i really want this. Long runs are mentally challenging any advice much appreciated !!!!!!

    1. Congrats on your training! The long runs can be a struggle, but they are what gets you to the finish line. Stay strong!

  2. Wow, 20+ marathons Sara, that’s a lot! I know that being mentally prepared for many things is important, but never thought that even after so many marathons it’s still as important. Good points there!

    1. Thanks! I’m just now gearing up to start training for my next marathon this fall. It is still a bit intimidating!

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