Salmon Falls 50k Training Recap: Week 10

The New Year’s Day holiday, and my decision to run a New Year’s Day half marathon, messed with my sense of time and place this week.

I suppose it’s for the best, I feel like I had two weekends!

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Salmon Falls 50k Training Recap

Training Goals

  • Strength work 2x/week
  • Hit my pace when pacing group long runs
  • 2 trail runs or hilly road runs /week
  • Regular mobility/flexibility work

The Plan v. Reality

Planbarre5 miles
7 hilly miles7 miles
barre22 miles8 miles
Actualbarre5 miles
13.1 HILLY miles5 miles
barre22 miles
9 miles

Area of Focus This Week

A few mini-areas of focus:

  • Hydration
  • Finding a balance of workouts and race miles with my oddly split up week

The Week That Was


The Openfit Xtend Barre workout of the day was ‘Xtend Signature 3.’

I am of two minds on this workout.

Physically, it was great. A full-body workout, less barre-y than usual (and than I’d like), with more standard workout moves like bicep curls.

Mentally, however, I wasn’t having it and had zero patience for it. The addition of push-ups (I hate push-ups) nearly made me quit the video.

But I saw it through to the end.

Today was a prime example of why I like doing pre-laid out plans like this 30-day barre plan. If something wasn’t already on the schedule and planned for the day, there is little chance I would have done any workout.


A 5-mile run to close out 2019. Like Sunday’s run, I felt shockingly good during this run.

The Xtend barre workout of the day was easiest (physically speaking) video on the calendar – ‘Flexibility and Balance 1.’

I understand why they keep going back to the same workouts in this plan, but I would have liked them to throw in one of the many other flexibility and balance videos, just to shake it up a little.


Happy New Year!

I started 2020 with what I’m pretty sure was a first – a Wednesday half marathon. I’ve done the Brazen New Year’s Day race several times, but for the past few years it’s fallen on or close to the weekend.

This race was fine.

I felt fine. The weather was fine.

I probably had too much to drink last night and not enough sleep to expect too much from this race, but I ran strong on the uphills and didn’t fall on my face (which I did see others do around me at two different points).

What more could I want from what was basically a training run?

A full recap will be coming next week.


I wasn’t sure how I’d feel today considering yesterday’s race. Sure, it wasn’t any different than any other back-to-back longer run, but still, I’m not in the racing mindset or long run mindset, it’s just a Thursday.

But I felt great. Shockingly great.

Barre workout of the day was ‘Ballet Sculpt 1.’ I’m getting more confident with the more choreographed dancy workouts.

Even used weights for some of this class. They recommend weights of 1-2 pounds, but the lightest pair of weights I have are 3 pounds. I didn’t (and couldn’t) use them for long, but progress is progress.


Xtend barre class de jour was ‘Sculpt & Define 1.’

Workout was fine, largely upper body. I continue to be shocked at how weak my upper body can be.

In this class in particular, the instructor gets way more shouty than I like. I can only take her shouting (into a mic – she’s wearing a mic!) C’MON, C’MON, KEEP IT UP, for so long before my patience starts wears thin.

You don’t have to shout at me! I can hear you! That’s what the microphone you are wearing is for!!


Another two part long run.

First, 15 miles pacing the 10:30 group, then another 7 miles on my own.

I’ve been covering both the 10:30 & 11 groups for the running club’s marathon training program, based on what the needs of the group are.

While I’m OK with this (heaven knows I’m flexible and not terribly concerned about which pace I run), it does mean that I haven’t gotten to know the other runners very well.

I feel a bit like a substitute teacher.

The two part long runs are going well. I can’t say I’m ‘enjoying’ them, but I’ve been getting them done. Everyone else is so excited to be done as we near the last mile with the group, and there I am, getting ready to head back out for other hour of running. Urgh.


My ‘usual’ Sunday run to (and around) Lake Temescal. A few hills. A little trail.

There were soooo many more people out running on a Sunday morning that usual. I guess many New Year’s resolutions are still going strong.

Today’s barre class was my nemesis: ‘Core 1.’ I don’t have words to describe how much I hate this class.

But I did it.

Week Overall

  • A 50 mile week!? That made for a lot of running. I’d considered cutting back miles on one of my long runs, but I felt somewhere between ‘not bad’ and ‘pretty good’ on both days, so what the hell.
  • If I’m honest with myself, I also know I could have done the barre core class on Saturday and not taken the day off the barre plan. But honestly, I just didn’t want to do it. I’ll indulge my ‘I don’t wannas’ for one day, especially when it comes to the core class.
  • I did pretty good with my goals this week. I was focused on hydration, and while mentally I was a bit off kilter with my mid-week race, I did all the workouts I planned to do.

Next Week


Planbarre5 miles
8 hilly miles
7 miles
barre16 miles8 miles
Actualbarre5 miles
8 (flat) miles7 miles
barre16 hilly milesbarre

Area of Focus

Healthier eating in life.

Lord help me, I’m considering getting an Instant Pot. So healthier, stew-y, bean-y concoctions may be in my future.

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