Salmon Falls 50k Training Recap: Week 13

To describe my week in a word?


Could have been better, could have been worse. I’m choosing to focus on the ‘could have been worse’ part of that phrase.

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Salmon Falls 50k Training Recap

Training Goals

  • Strength work 2x/week
  • Hit my pace when pacing group long runs 
  • 2 trail runs or hilly road runs /week
  • Regular mobility/flexibility work

The Plan v. Reality

Planmobility5 miles8 hilly miles6 milesyoga16 miles8 miles
Actualyoga5 miles8 (flat) miles6 milesrest19 miles4 miles

Area of Focus This Week

Get back into the rhythm of running after my little training intermission.

The Week That Was


A few years ago, I loved an app called Asana Rebel. They had short little yoga videos (most about 5 minutes), great for fitting in those little slots of time.

The first year or so I used it, I’d say the videos were at an advanced beginner level. Some moves were a stretch for me (literally and figuratively), but all were doable.

Then they overhauled the app and made a bunch more videos. The new videos were super slick and SUPER advanced. I quit using the app not long after.

Every few months, I think I should try it again. I love the idea of the app and its short little videos. Then I do a video and remember why I stopped using the app.

Today, I again thought ‘I’m sure it wasn’t that bad’ and tried the ‘Let Go, Let Flow’ video.

Less than a minute in, I remembered why I stopped using it.

I saw it through to the end (barely), modifying what I could, but I still had to sit a few moves out entirely because I was so far away from what they were doing in the video, I couldn’t figure out how to adapt it for us less flexible folk.

I’m not sure who the target market for this thing is. If you are advanced enough to actually to the moves as shown, chances are you’d want to do a class that’s longer than 5 minutes.

Maybe they have more all-levels videos in the paid version of the app.

I’m sure I’ll never know.


This morning was one of those runs that I (accidentally and unintentionally) timed perfectly. I do my usual morning run, with grey, threatening skies and get home just as the rain started.

Just a few minutes later and I once again would have been soaked to the bone.


I did the mileage on the calendar, but stuck to the flat route over to Jack London Square instead of the trails and/or hills I knew I ‘should’ do.

Maybe I’ll get some hills in tomorrow (or maybe I won’t), but in either case I’m OK with staying flat today.


So I ended up not doing the hilly route I’d considered yesterday and instead Frankensteined a few shorter routes together.

I’m sure spending a lot of time focusing on the things I didn’t do this week…


Rest day. I was going to do yoga or barre, but I didn’t. No reason, I just didn’t.

Friday night was one of the nights I had my volunteer cat gig, the one that was cancelled last week (mentioned in my Instagram post Monday).

I’ve been taking care of kittens every Friday night for nearly 3.5 years (it was not lost on me or my co-volunteer that we were two middle-aged ladies taking care of cats on Friday nights- sometimes you just have to embrace the cliche).

I’m such a creature of habit and routine – I’ll admit I feel a little lost to suddenly be without it.


19 miles on the Alameda Creek Trail – boring AF.

I hate this trail, although I don’t know why I hate it as much as I do.

Sure it’s flat and straight, but I do other routes regularly that are just as flat and just as straight, and I don’t bat an eye. I’ve never had a bad run on this trail (I don’t count boredom as a legit reason to consider a run bad), and in fact, my half marathon PR is on a  course that’s largely on this trail.

And yet… I hate it so much.

Part of it may be that the bikers on this trail are extra annoying.

On other trails, the bikes may be a little oblivious to runners, which is rude, but whatever.

On this trail, many of the bikers leave you feeling like they don’t want you on ‘their trail.’ On all trails, we are very aware of others using the trail and move over for passing, but on this one we pretty much have to get over single-file on the very edge of the path to not get yelled at.

It gets old after 3+ hours.

But I survived.

I was back to pacing the 10:30 marathon training group, and we all did as good as can be expected. We even saw 2 bald eagles just off the trail. I didn’t even know we had bald eagles in the Bay Area.

I’m also loving that the running club has mobilized all the bakers in our ranks and there is now a bumper crop of cookies and banana bread at the end of each run.

That (almost) makes up for the super boring run.


4ish easy miles.

No Garmin, no photos, no Instagram.

Did the run even happen if I have no record of it?

Week Overall

  • Like I said, my overall impression of the week was meh. I did the miles, but I’m still missing the spark and the focus. I guess the mid-training cycle blahs are still in effect.
  • I’m still not feeling great after the 19 mile run on Saturday, but part of that might be because immediately after the run I drove nearly 2 hours to Sacramento for a kick-off event for RYP Wear – a trail skirt company I’m an ambassador for. A long run + an immediate long drive = SUUPPPERRRR stiff muscles. It might take me a few days to unravel from that one. That’s part of the reason I went tech-less for Sunday’s run, I’m still unkinking my muscles.

Next Week: Week 14


Planrest5 miles8 miles6 milesmobility25 miles8 miles

Area of Focus

Get back into the barre, yoga, strength, or whatever cross-training.

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