Salmon Falls 50k Training Recap: Week 16

Salmon Falls 50k Training Recap Week 16

Is it really taper time?

The calendar says yes, but I can’t quite get my head around it. Partially that’s due to my funky hamstring induced running time-out and partially it’s due to the newness (to me) of running a winter ultra.

Tapering in mid-February?

The timing feels off.

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Salmon Falls 50k Training Recap

Training Goals

  • Strength work 2x/week
  • Hit my pace when pacing group long runs
  • 2 trail runs or hilly road runs /week
  • Regular mobility/flexibility work

The Plan vs. Reality


Area of Focus This Week

Listen to my body as the taper begins.

The Week That Was

Salmon Falls 50k Training Recap Week 16


I’m just starting the Openfit 30 day barre/Pilates hybrid plan. Today’s Pilates class? ‘Abs and Booty 1.’

I knew I’d hate it, and I hated it.

I hated it because my abs are weak, which means, of course, that’s exactly what I need to focus on, but urgh. I’m glad I’ve done some in-person Pilates classes because between my weak core and my tight hips, I need to seriously modify so many moves.

The classes are good about giving modifications, but in my case, I need way more than are offered.


Ran 5 miles, but didn’t get out the door until nearly sunset, when I realized just how out of practice I am running in the dark (I was also reminded I need to replace the batteries in my headlamp – only the low setting worked).

I was super paranoid I would trip (spoiler alert: I didn’t).

Then, the Openfit Pilates class ‘Sculpt + Define 1.’

I’m really not feeling these Pilates classes.

First of all, the instructor is way too peppy. She’s the same one who lead all the barre classes I liked, but she seems way more ‘C’MON YOU CAN DO IT’ non-stop talking in these Pilates classes. I know this is only bugging me because of my where my mind is at the moment, but I’m not vibing with it at all.

Second, I know Pilates is all about the core and that’s an area I know I need to focus on, but I’ve ended many of these classes feeling like a loser who couldn’t do any of the moves as advertised.

A few weeks out from my race, I should be doing things that leave me feeling strong and confident, not things that leave me feeling super aware of my shortcomings and areas of improvement.

I think I’ll finish out the first week (this was day 5) and if I’m still not feeling it, I’ll bail on it for now and come back to it when I’m in a better headspace for it.


I did my mid-week hilly run over to Mountain View Cemetery.

I wasn’t feeling any part of this run.

There is a trick I’ve used for years to get myself out the door when I don’t feel like running. I pick a spot about a mile from my house. Even if I don’t feel like running, I’ll head out the door and run. If I get to that spot and am still not feeling it, I give myself permission to turn around and go home guilt free.

I got to that spot today and still wasn’t feeling it.

I considered bailing, but I kept going.

I thought it would get better (on that route, my turnaround spot is at the top of a big hill – poor planning on my part), but it never did. By the time I accepted it wasn’t going to get better, I was nearly at the farthest point of the out-and-back route.

By that point, I had no choice but to keep going.


I did the Openfit ‘Balance for Runners’ workout. A 15-ish minute workout with lots of single-leg moves like single-leg deadlifts.

I liked this workout. It wasn’t anything new or remarkable, but not everything needs to be new and remarkable.

Sometimes a good, solid workout is all I need.


I’m calling it- I’m bailing on the rest of the 30-day Openfit barre/Pilates hybrid program.

I’ve been actively avoiding the workouts – not in the typical (for me) ‘I don’t wanna workout’ way, but specifically looking at the next workout in the plan and thinking ‘I just can’t with that…’

They are good workouts, and I know I’ll come back to this plan soon, but for now, in these last 2 weeks (!?) before my ultra, I need to be in a good headspace.

The frustrating challenge of having to modify every move in 8 different ways to make it work for me is messing with my head and my confidence too much right now.

Maybe I’ll head back over to do one of the other barre workout programs. Those were a good (but doable) challenge.


There is no group long run this morning (many of our runners are doing a tune-up half marathon) so I took the chance to hit the trail.

I did my trusty, go-to, middle-distance trail run – Briones Reservoir (which is a 13 mile loop) with a side-trip to the connected Old San Pablo Dam trail (5 miles total out-and-back) for a grand total of 18 hilly miles.

With my time off from training, I haven’t been doing many trails or much elevation work lately.

This run was tough and slow going, but I kept moving and didn’t have any odd niggles or twinges.


A wonderfully uneventful 6 miles.

I feel so much better doing these back-to-back long runs after the first of those long runs is a trail run. Trail running uses so many different muscles groups with the constant up and downs, I don’t have the same day-after stiffness as when the first long run is a road run (which uses the same muscles over and over and over and over).

Week Overall

  • For the first time in a while, I was 100% on my goals. Did a few of the Pilates classes, did the Briones trail and the cemetery hills, and am basically foam rolling every other day. Yeah!
  • I know my diet was off-kilter this week. I’ve picked up a temporary side project that has me reliving my old 9-5 days in an office (reminding me exactly why it was I left a 9-5 job in an office). I’m out of practice packing an office-friendly lunch, meaning I haven’t been particularly well-fueled all week (and I could feel it).
  • I’m not getting my head around the fact I’m two weeks out from this race. As is often the case, I feel like I’ve been training forever and like I just started training yesterday. Do I feel ready? Sure… let’s just say I am.

Next Week: Week 17


Planbarre4 miles
6 miles4 miles
barre15 miles5 miles
Actualbarre4 miles6 miles4 miles
Rest14.7 miles4(ish)

Area of Focus

Mindset – get my head around the fact the race is less than 2 weeks away!

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