Salmon Falls 50k Training Recap: Week 3

I feel like I’m finally back into the rhythm of training. This was my first week of back to back long(ish) runs, and I continue to actually do strength/core work.

Granted, more than once I did the core work right before I went to bed because I forgot to get it done earlier, but it still got done.

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Salmon Falls 50k Training Recap

Training Goals

  • Strength work 2x/wk
  • Hit my pace when pacing group long runs (starting in late Nov.)
  • 1 New route/wk
  • 2 Trail runs or hilly road runs /wk
  • Regular mobility/flexibility work

The Plan v. Reality: Week 3

Planmobility3 miles
5 miles hilly4 miles
yoga10 miles8 miles
ActualYoga3 miles
5.5 hilly miles5 miles
rest13.1 trail miles7 miles

Area of Focus This Week

Nutrition. Regroup and refocus on healthy meals that will better fuel my running.

The Week That Was


A Yoga With Adriene video this morning – Yoga Morning Fresh, a 40 minute yoga video on YouTube.

Good, but unremarkable. Mostly basic stretches.

A good way to start the morning, I suppose.


My run this morning was again ‘the usual’ – a 3-mile lap of the lake.

Then, I returned to the Runtastic app or Training by Adidas app or Runtastic Training app (or whatever they are calling it these days – it can’t be good for their branding that after a week and a half of using this app, I’m not sure what to call it).

I’m now in the second week of the ‘To The Core’ 6-week program.

As you set up each new week of the program, you can reassess how many workouts you want to do that week. I’d started with 2/week since I was new to the app and wasn’t sure what to expect. Now, knowing the workouts are good (but doable) and fairly short (about 15 minutes each), I set it up to give me three workouts this week.

Today, right out of the gate, it gives me my core workout nemesis – mountain climbers.

Effective move, I know, but man do I hate them.


I have two basic options when I’m running from home. I can turn right to Lake Merritt and Jack London Square (the flat option). Or, I can turn left up into the Piedmont Hills, Mountain View Cemetery, and Lake Temescal (the hilly option).

I wanted to do trail/elevation work today, but I didn’t want to drive somewhere for a 5-mile run (the logistics/parking/traffic/gas of a drive seems like a waste for a shorter distance run), so I turned left and ran to (and around) Mountain View Cemetery.

500 feet of climbing in 5.5 miles? Not bad.

As a consumer of true crime, every time I’m at Mountain View, I think I should find the Black Dahlia’s grave. I know the general location of it, and I’ve looked in the past, but I’ve never been able to find it.

One of these trips.

Mountain View Cemetery has so many route options, it’s a perpetually good option for running when I feel like I need something new.


My go-to 5 mile route is one that I feel particularly bored with.

Yesterday, I switched it up and went to the cemetery. Today, I cobbled together parts of shorter routes to make a Frankenstein’s Monster of a 5 mile route.

For me, a route doesn’t have to be 100% new or entirely unrun to feel like I’m busting out of my running route rut.

As I was getting ready for bed, I realized I’d forgotten to do my strength work for the day. With such short workouts, I had no excuse to not just get it done right then.

Today’s Adidas what’s-it-called app workout was all about the planks. High planks. Low planks. Planks with knee dips. So many planks.

It also included was some inchworms – a move that always reminds me how tight my hips/hip flexors/quads are. For this move, I think my tight hips get in the way of the effectiveness of the move, but I gotta work with what I got.

While this workout was oh-so-core focused, with all planking and inchworming, it did double duty as a full-body workout.


Rest day.

I did some unfocused foam rolling (doing moves that struck my fancy, not doing any particular set of moves or held for a particular time), while catching up on the new season of Man in the High Castle on Amazon.

It was something resembling mobility work, but I don’t know that I can, in good conscious, call this anything other than a rest day.


Since I soon will be back to pacing long runs (entirely roads, mostly flat), I figured I’d better take advantage of my last gasps of long run freedom to get in some hilly elevation work. So I headed to my favorite middle-distance local trail run – Briones Reservoir.

I felt like I walked way more than usual on this route, but my finish time was in line with my other runnings of this route (normal runnings at least – I did some loops last winter when it was super sloppy and muddy. I don’t count those when I consider what is ‘usual’ for this route).

After the run, I was sssuuuuppperrr tired. While this is normal when I get into long runs of 18ish miles or longer, it’s unusual for a shorter run. A nap was in the cards for the afternoon.

I hate naps and always wake up physically refreshed, but mentally cranky. Today was no exception.


A go-to route to Jack London Square for 7 miles.

No real reason I didn’t do the 8 on the calendar – 7 miles just has a more natural turn around spot.

Then, the third of three Adidas core workouts for the week after my run. I did it, but I’ll admit I kind of half-assed it.

So far, all the workouts are 5 or 6 moves, held for 40 seconds each, repeated 3 times.

Today, I did each of the moves, but after about 30 seconds (if that) I thought ‘close enough’ and bailed, giving myself a longer rest time in between moves.

Week Overall

  • I’m still going strong on strength, even if I can’t ever remember what the stupid app is called. Even with my less than stellar showing on Sunday, something is better than nothing, and I am getting something done pretty consistently.
  • I’ve been good with new routes, or with making little changes to my usual routes, keeping things feeling new.
  • I went on a bit of cooking binge on Saturday, stocking the freezer with grains, rice & beans so have healthy easy meals for the next few weeks easily accessible.

Next Week: Week 4

This will be the first week of pacing duties for the running club, although this week, unlike most weeks, the group run will be on Sunday (so we can do a kick-off brunch), so I won’t (yet) have to do the two part long run.


Planmobility 4 miles
5 hilly miles5 miles
mobility12 miles
8 miles
ActualBarre4 miles
5 hilly miles
4 miles
Barre13.1 miles
8 miles

Area of Focus

Post-run stretching and cool down.

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