Salmon Falls 50k Training Recap: Week 5

After the insanity that was last week’s workout calendar, I felt downright lazy ‘only’ running and doing core work this week.

My workouts last week reminded me of how much I enjoy doing (and feel better after having done) more barre workouts and other mobility stuff.

Finding the right workout balance continues to elude me.

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Salmon Falls 50k Training Recap

Training Goals

  • Strength work 2x/week
  • Hit my pace when pacing group long runs (starting in late Nov.)
  • 1 new route / week
  • 2 trail runs or hilly road runs /week
  • Regular mobility/flexibility work

The Plan v. Reality

PlanMobility4 miles
6 hilly miles5 miles
Mobility14 miles8 miles
ActualYoga4 miles
6 hilly miles5 milesRest15 miles
8 miles

Area of Focus This Week

Find a more sustainable balance of workouts.

The Week That Was


Tried my first Openfit yoga class this morning, ‘Mobility Flow,’ a slower-paced yoga class focusing on mobility and joint movement.

I’m fighting hard against my known bias in judging this class.

I’m very well-aware of my anti-sun salutation feelings. This class (which has a few sun salutations) is a flow yoga class, meaning the movements are fluid and done rrrrreeeeaaallllyyyyy ssssslllloowwwwlllly.

So not only are there sun salutations, but doing them so slow makes them feel interminable.

But I’m a big girl and can look beyond the sun salutation series and recognize that overall, I liked this class and its slow, constant movements.


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A 4-mile run in the morning (the usual route around the lake), and a 15-minute core workout on the Adidas Training by Runtastic app before bed.

After last week’s 15+ workout extravaganza, (topping out at me doing – on one occasion – 4 workouts in one day), I feel so lazy ‘only’ doing 2 workouts in a day.


6 hilly miles to (and around) the Mountain View Cemetery.

Uneventful run, and I had the weather gods in my favor. It had been drizzling all morning while I was doing some stuff around the house. The rain moved out just as I was heading out the door.

The timing was sheer coincidence, but I’ll take it.


Gobble, Gobble!

The last few years, I’ve volunteered at a Turkey Trot, but I didn’t this year. I didn’t decide not to volunteer, I just never got around to signing up. When thinking about it last night, I recalled the last few years the volunteer call was for 6 am, but the race didn’t start until 9. We were all set up and ready by 7, but wouldn’t see runners at the aid station until 9:30. I’m pretty good at killing time, but that’s a bit much. Maybe that memory seeped into my subconscious when I didn’t sign up this year.

So I ran my own turkey trot.

I felt really strong on the run. Maybe it’s all the extra strength work, maybe it was just one of those days, or maybe it was the reeeaaallly cold wind, causing me to speed up because my ears were freezing.

Whatever the reason, I’ll take it.


Rest day.

I considered doing an Openfit barre video, but didn’t.

No reason, I just didn’t.


The start of the 2 part long runs!

From now until February, I’ll be pacing the running club’s marathon training group run. But my mileage for ultra training is longer than those runs, so I’ll head out with the group for their run, then head back out for additional solo miles.

Today was 9 miles leading the 10:30 min/mile group (my average pace for the group portion of the run was 10:35, for the record), then back to Road Runner Sports who hosted the run (who, unlike last week’s run, had TONS of food and drink for us – raffle prizes too!).

Then I had to go back out to do another 6 miles.

I knew this wasn’t going to be my favorite arrangement, and today was an especially cruel way to start.

It was cold and windy, threatening rain the whole run, but it stayed dry for the club run. At RRS, while everyone else was putting on warm layers, eating donuts and drinking coffee, I had a bit of a bagel, stuck around for the raffle (no prizes for me), then went back out – just as the rain started.

It wasn’t raining too bad, but enough to make me sooooo envy the kids in the running club who were in hot showers by then.

I’m just glad I had the foresight to stash a donut for after my (second) long run.

Did the second Runtastic core workout of the week when I got home.


I really, really, really didn’t want to run this morning.

I procrastinated for a while, but eventually realized that not only was I not running, I was so distracted by my conspicuous procrastination attempts, I also wasn’t getting much done NOT running.

Maybe I could have talked myself out of running if I’d otherwise been productive, but nothing good was coming out of my stalling, so I eventually just got my ass out the door.

After all the mental gymnastics, it was an utterly uneventful run. Drizzled on and off, but never got too bad.

I was ready to cut the run short if I wasn’t feeling it (take my own advice and not think of runs as ‘all or nothing’) but once I got started, it was fine.

Week Overall

  • After the insanity of last weeks’s over-abundant workout calendar, I felt so lazy all week. I did everything I intended to do, but now that I know I have so many do-able (and enjoyable) cross training options, I’d like to add in a little bit more (without over training, of course). So the right balance of running, stretching, mobility work, cross-training, strength and everything else remains a work in progress. But, credit where credit is due, yeah me for doing core work as consistently as I have been.
  • 1 hilly run, but no trails this week. We are entering the rainy season here where the trails can get super sloppy. While I know I need to train in whatever weather arrives so I can be ready for whatever race day brings, I know too many trail runners that have been injured running on rainy, sloppy, muddy trails. Footing can be funny and slipping and sliding can be dangerous. That’s why I made my goal trails OR hilly urban running, so I can get elevation work in even if the trail isn’t the best option. This week? I got halfway there, but no excuse for staying flat for today’s run other than I didn’t wanna hill it.

Next Week: Week 6


PlanMobility4 miles
6 miles
6 miles
Mobility16 miles8 miles
ActualStretch Class4 miles6 hilly miles
6 milesBarre16 miles
8 miles

Area of Focus

Continue to try and balance workout options, planning in a few barre days.

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