Salmon Falls 50k Training Recap: Week 8

This was an odd, all-or-nothing week of workouts for me. I spent the first part of the week traveling to the frozen tundra (Minnesota) where there was zero chance of me running outside in near zero temps. Then I ended the week running a 35k trail race after basically not running in a week.

While my running (or not) was all over the map, I’m still doing my barre workouts regularly, so there’s that.

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Salmon Falls 50k Training Recap

Training Goals

  • Strength work 2x/week
  • Hit my pace when pacing group long runs
  • 2 trail runs or hilly road runs /week
  • Regular mobility/flexibility work

The Plan v. Reality: Week 8

PlanBarre5 miles
6 hilly miles
6 miles
Rest20 miles8 miles
Actualbarrebarrerun 45 mintues
Restbarre24 miles
8 miles

Area of Focus This Week

Cross-training and staying active while away from my usual.

The Week That Was


Remember what I said last week about how the Openfit barre classes don’t feel like the 30 minutes they are? That they seem to go by faster?

While I stand by that statement for 95% of the workouts, it is not true for today’s selection ‘Core 1.’ I’m pretty sure this was the longest 30 minutes of my life.

However, I did feel moderately more competent doing this class this week than last week, so yeah progress!


Today, I’m in Minnesota, where the high temperature is supposed to be 12 degrees.

Running outside in this weather isn’t only about having the badassness to be willing to go outside and run in 12 degree weather. It also requires that you have the proper respect for that weather and dress appropriately with lots of layers and YakTrax to prevent slipping.

I am neither badass enough to run outdoors in this weather, nor do I have the proper gear, so my run for the day is off (as I expected).

However, barre is still on. Today’s selection was ‘Sculpt & Define 1.’


A two-workout day while travelling? I must say, I’m impressed with me.

First up was the Openfit Xtend Barre ‘Xtend Signature 1.’ Another repeat class that I liked the first time around and still liked this time around.


While outdoor runs are out while I’m home, Minnesotans get creative in the winter.

One winter running option is the US Bank Stadium Winter Warm-up. On Mondays and Wednesdays, they open the upper concourse of the US Bank Stadium (the Vikings’ stadium, still thought of by me as the dome, even though the Metrodome is long gone) for runners and the lower concourse for rollerbladers.

I’d been curious to see the new stadium, so it seemed like a very Minnesota thing to do to both run indoors and see the stadium for an $8 ticket instead of the $300 an NFL ticket would cost.

My run time was 45 minutes, so I figure my distance was somewhere in the 4-5 mile range.

I lost track of my lap count somewhere along the way, so I can’t say for certain, and heaven knows I can’t rely on my Strava GPS tracking. I don’t know WTF Strava mapped. The course was a perfect oval, and this is the GPS map that resulted:



My travel day home (yes, I consider both MN and CA ‘home’) was also a rest day.

I could have done a barre workout, but I kinda felt like a rest day was in order.

Just cuz.


Getting back to my normal routine at home, I did Openfit ‘Ballet Sculpt.’

While far from heavily choreographed, this workout does have more ‘dancey’ combos and I didn’t love it the first time I did it. Today, I felt a little more coordinated.

When I started this 30-day plan, I was a little surprised/disappointed that there were so many repeat workouts when there are many classes to choose from. Now that I’m in the midst of it, I’m glad they do it that way.

It makes it abundantly clear how/where I’m improving. I noticed it today, and I also noticed it during the core workout Monday.


This is a run on your own week for the running club training program and my pacing role with them. I took advantage of it to sneak in one more trail race of the year, giving me the chance to get some serious time (and elevation) on the trail. There weren’t a ton of race options to choose from and I ended up doing the Woodside Ramble 35k (which I kept thinking of as the Woodside Scramble).

The weather was perfect for running and I felt strong (even on the nearly 4000 feet of climbing on this course – ugh). However, a few other runners were driving me bonkers – namely a few runners pacing off me (which I’m fine with, I know I run a consistent pace and often have this happen even when I’m not an actual race pacer) and who were following waaaaay too close when doing so.

I don’t care if you pace off me (it’s a good incentive for me to push myself too), but give me a little f*@#ing space, dudes.

I was trying to stay zen about it (after all, it was my problem, not theirs), but wasn’t 100% successful.

A full race recap will be posted Tuesday.

With this race, I’ve now climbed over 100,000 feet for the year. This wasn’t remotely on my radar as a goal this year, but when digging around in Strava last month, I found I was getting pretty close and made it a last-minute goal.

Strava 2019 running stats

I usually would have skipped barre today (running 5 hours and climbing 4000 feet is enough of a workout for me in a day, thank you very much), but next up in the plan was ‘Flexibility & Balance 1,’ which is basically 30-minutes of stretching.

This actually sounded really good after a tough run. It wasn’t always pretty, but it ultimately felt good to do.


Back-to-back long runs are a big part of ultra training, and for the most part, I’m fine with them. However, there are some weeks where they really suck.

Today was one of those weeks.

I woke up still tired and sore from yesterday’s race, and had zero interest in running.

But being the good little ultra-trainee I am, I ran anyway. However, I did make two concessions: 1) I let myself sleep in a little (not heading out the door until about 9), and 2) I ran a flat route, not the hillier route I have been doing on Sundays.

It was lightly drizzling when I left home, and I felt a touch paranoid grabbing my rain jacket for the run. When I got over to Jack London Square (my turn-around point), the skies opened for a downpour. I actually had to huddle in a doorway for the worst of it.

My shoes are going to be drying out from this one for a week.

Next up in the barre plan is ‘Legs 1.’ There is zero chance of me doing a leg workout after the last two days of workouts, so I’m putting that off until tomorrow.

Week Overall

  • I did better than expected this week while travelling. I knew running would be largely out, but still managed a few miles at the dome (yup, I’m still insisting on calling it the dome).
  • Openfit Xtend Barre has been a great option for travelling. The classes (at least the ones I’ve done) are super-travel friendly, requiring no extra gear or even that I change into workout clothes. I’m proud of myself for getting them done even when I was out of my usual workout routine this week.
  • My hydration suffered this week since I didn’t pay enough attention to my fluid intake on the road. I noticed the cumulative effect of it at the race Saturday. It wasn’t anything terrible, but it was noticeable that I had to drink way more than normal for a cooler-weather race.

Next Week


Planbarre5 miles
7 hilly miles
6 miles
barre16 miles8 miles
Actualbarre5 miles
7 hilly miles5 miles
barre17 miles9 miles

Area of Focus

Work on my post-run cool down routine. I’ve been better about cooling down after a run, but my routine is often a little too willy-nilly.

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