Skyline To The Sea Marathon Training Recap: Week 5

skyline to the sea marathon recap week 5

I got my marathon training groove back! Yeah!

I ran a few of my usual routes and a few new routes this week. And on Wednesday, a new experience that I’m surprised has taken twenty years of running (nearly 8 years on the trails) to have happen: a mid-run bee sting.

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Training Goals For Skyline To The Sea Marathon

I switched up my training strategy last week, so my theme is now ‘the usual with a twist.’ In my desire to break out of my previous running rut I (unintentionally) threw out the positive habits along with the bad ones. So I’ve regrouped, and have gone back to my usual, but with a goal of shaking it up a bit.

Each week in training I want to:

  • Run 1 new route
  • Run (at least) 1 route with significant elevation gain
  • Do yoga once
  • Do 2-3 strength & general fitness workouts

The Plan v. Reality: Week 5

PlanRest3 miles6 miles3 milesRest12 milesCross Train
ActualRest3 miles6 miles3 miles19 minute yoga workout12 miles (barely)Long Walk

Area Of Focus



We finally found our girl Stella a forever home! I’ll miss her serious #cattidude tho. #restday

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I’m viewing today as Day 1, Week 1 of my ‘new’ 13-week marathon training plan.

Since I am back to my tried and true training plan, Monday and Friday are again rest days.


I had considered doing one of the many 4th of July runs that are around, but decided I wasn’t in the mood to fight crowds and parking.

So just did a short little run around the lake.

A ‘usual’ run, but it was especially fun this morning, watching people set up for picnics and barbecues. Most of the spots were already claimed by 9am. I guess it’s just the place to be on a beautiful holiday afternoon.

(PM update: I spent most of the afternoon at the lake myself people watching: it was a perfect afternoon at the lake)


A first today, I was stung by a bee on the back of the leg, midrun, through my running tights.

I’ve been stung before, but it’s usually on bare arms or while sitting still. Something easily accessible.

The little bastard must have been seriously determined to sting me.

I guess it’s just functional training for Skyline to the Sea, which has one section that is notoriously waspy.


Clear blue summer skies + redwood trees + hills = yes please! #seenonmyrun #runderful

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A hilly run this morning in the little park near my house.

I wonder if there is a map to the area anywhere. There are so many little paths that veer off into every possible direction.

I’m not sure I could do the same course twice even if I wanted to.


Back to Friday being a rest day. I’m already feeling more comfortable with marathon training now that I switched back to my usual plan.

I stand by my idea of trying new things to get out of a rut, but I was a little too ambitious.

Did one of the new Nike Training Club (NTC) yoga workouts- the 19-minute Essential Flow Yoga. I really liked it.

In prior versions, NTC had a few yoga options, but they weren’t very good (or very yoga-like). One was basically a minute in down dog followed by 10+ minutes of side plank variations. A good workout for sure, but not what I want when I do yoga.


Felt strong for the first 11 miles then totally lost my oomph. 90+ temps didn’t help #runderful #seenonmyrun

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Felt great for the first 11 or so miles of my long run, but totally lost my oomph in the last mile.

Given that this is my first double-digit distance run during this cycle, I shouldn’t be surprised. Also not helping is the latest California heat wave. It was 92 when I got back to the car. Not a ton of shade on the course, especially as the day went on.

Luckily I had slathered on the sunscreen.


Took a long walk today in addition to my usual stretching.

I probably should have done something a little more aggressive, but I’m gonna stick with my ‘there’s no upside to pushing it’ logic a little longer.

Week Summary

I felt good this week, back in the groove. I’m still taking it a little easy so my paces aren’t anything to write home about, but for me, they never are.

I was a little light on the strength work this week, but intentionally so. I was focused on getting into the running groove this week. I’ll start adding strength work back soon enough.

I don’t need to get it all done at once.

Next Week: Week 6


My first trail run of the season (a 26K!) is next Saturday at Salt Point State Park. I don’t feel remotely properly trained for it. The course is open for 9 hours (there is also a 50K), so worst case scenario, I’ll do my slow and steady thing and enjoy the scenery.

PlanRest3 miles6 miles3 milesrest25K Trail Race!Rest or Easy Cross (depending on how the race goes)
ActualRest3 miles6 miles3 milesrest16.2 mile trail race!Rest + extra walking

Area of Focus

Hydration. When I stop paying attention, my water consumption is really pretty sad.

skyline to the sea marathon recap week 5

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