Skyline To The Sea Marathon Training Recap: Week 3

skyline to the sea marathon training recap 3

Another week down! This week was largely in the midst of a Northern California heat wave. Never my favorite circumstances to run in, but since last year’s Skyline Marathon was run mid-heat wave, I know I have to keep on running and practice with heat wave fueling and hydration since I never know what race day may bring.

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Goals For Skyline To The Sea Marathon Training

My overall theme for this training cycle is ‘anything but the usual.’ I’m trying to focus on positive running routines while busting the rut that I found myself in during my last training cycle.

Each week I want to:

  • Run 1 new route
  • Run (at least) 1 route with significant elevation gain
  • Do yoga once
  • Do 2-3 strength & general fitness workouts

The Plan v. Reality: Week 3

Plan4 milesStrength3 milesStrength4 miles6 miles2 miles or easy cross train
Actual4 miles23 min. strength3 miles19 min. strength4 miles6 miles41 min. yoga

Area of focus: Hydration


Exploring sorta-new routes close to home has presented all kinds of new options for my running!

I knew there was a little park near the Piedmont High School Track (about a mile from me), but for whatever reason, I’d never gone into it.

Today, on the quest for new routes, I did.

It’s a fun little maze of trails surrounded by lush greenery and a few redwoods.

I’m sure I’ll head there a lot this summer – I can combine the trails in all sorts of new ways and there are lots of hills. Pretty much sums up my summer training goals.


I’m trying a new workout video/app option this week: Fitstar, the fitness app from Fitbit. Fitstar has a few workouts available for free and many more available with a monthly subscription.

Today I did the 23-minute Race Day Ready workout. Really good workout, I was pleasantly surprised.

My initial thoughts on the app are that I like that you can skip the intro to the move (especially since some intros are up to 30 seconds long). However, the video has you rate how you did on each move right after you finish (for example: ‘It was brutal’ or ‘I did 6 reps instead of 10’).

I guess the ratings help tailor workouts to your fitness level, but I just found it distracting and inconvenient.


These herons- with their lack of neck and rat-tail feathers- always crack me up. #seenonmyrun

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An uneventful run around the lake this morning. Utterly eventful (in the best possible way)


Another Fitstar workout this morning, the 19-minute Runtensity.

I have the exact thoughts on today’s workout that I did after Tuesday’s. Loved the workout, I hated having to rate each move’s difficulty (or ease) immediately post-move. It really messes with the flow to have to stop, and head over my iPad every 45-seconds.

First-world problems, I know.


A 4-mile run, not a totally new route, but a variation on a usual which was enough to keep it interesting.

Today’s Asana Rebel daily workout (I’m still doing them daily!) was ‘To The Core’ a (not surprisingly) very core heavy 5 minutes.

It was a wake-up that I need to strengthen my core, this workout was not my finest 5 minutes.


It was just a nice summer morning for a run. Soooo much better than the recent heat wave. #runderful #summerrun

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A 6-mile run to Jack London Square and back. That’s a pretty short long run for being 3 weeks into the program.

I put together the program and I must have had a reason to still have such short runs, but I’ll be darned if I remember what that reason is.

At least the worst of this heat wave seems to have passed (yeah!).


Woke up with slightly sore muscles, so I decided to do yoga instead of an easy run.

Along with the Fitstar app for workouts, I’m also trying the Fitstar Yoga app. The same basic idea as Fitstar, but for yoga. I did the 41-minute Flexible Finish workout, designed for runners.

It was surprisingly challenging.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to pause after every move to rate it like in the regular Fitstar (although you can note if a move is too challenging).

Week Summary

After only 3 weeks, I’m not sure I like the training plan I put together. I’m not getting into any sort of rhythm or groove with my training.

I don’t feel like I’ve kept the ‘positive routines’ that I want to keep in place.

It may have been too much new.

I think I’ll regroup a little and go back to the Hal Higdon plan I know and love and focus on running new routes and paces instead of the total overhaul idea I started out with.

I like the Fitstar and Fitstar Yoga apps for workouts. While not 100% on board (the constant rating of moves is so annoying), I like them enough to keep trying more of their workouts.

Next Week: Week 4


Plan4 milesStrength4 miles (2 @ MP)Strength4 miles8 milesyoga or cross-train
Actualnopenot so muchnot reallysortanadasortagetting back into it

Area of Focus

My muscles have seemed really tight lately, so it’s time to break out my old frenemy: The Foam Roller!


skyline to the sea marathon training recap 3

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