Skyline To The Sea Marathon Training Recap: Week 9

skyline to the sea marathon training recap week 9

No lackluster funk, however lackluster, lasts forever. This week I must have broken out my polishing cloth and done some buffing because the luster is back.

OK, that metaphor was a bit strained.

I apologize.

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Skyline To The Sea Marathon Training Goals

How the heck am I already halfway through training? That just doesn’t seem right. I’ve been doing moderately well meeting my goals. Each week in training I want to:

  • Run 1 new route
  • Run (at least) 1 route with significant elevation gain
  • One yoga session
  • Do 2-3 strength & general fitness workouts
  • Do 2-3 foam rolling sessions

The Plan v. Reality: Week 9

Week 9

PlanRest4 miles7 miles4 milesRest11 milesCross
ActualRest4 miles7 miles
25 min. strength
4 miles15 min. yoga10k race and 2 hrs. of yoga11 miles and 30 min. strength

Area of focus

Strength training

skyline to the sea marathon training recap week 9


I’m trying something new to get back to the swing of strength training.

I’m going to participate in the Aaptiv / Self magazine 28-day Up-n-Out challenge. It’s 28 days of workouts, all done via the Aaptiv app. It will include cardio, strength, yoga and stretching workouts.

Today was a 25(ish) minute walk/run tempo workout. I’m not sure I’m going to like having to listen to audio for every workout (I’ll get behind on my podcasts), but I’ll give it a shot while I try something new.


You can find inspiration in the most unexpected places sometimes. #runderfulworld #seenonmyrun

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Felt great on my run today! I must be a little dehydrated since I was surprisingly thirsty for ‘only’ a four-mile run, but that’s easily fixed.

Today was the first run in quite a while where I felt strong and moderately competent as a runner.

Getting back on track!


Run was blissfully uneventful, my getting back in the groove continues.

And another day of the Aaptiv/Self program – Today was ‘Advanced Beach Body Boot Camp’. I’m calling it now: I won’t make it through the whole 28-day program. The app is worst of all worlds and the program can’t decide what it wants to be (but other than that…).

The app is audio only, so it ties me to listening to it, and only it (and its generic pop music) for a whole workout. Doubly negative today since the coach NEVER. STOPPED. TALKING… EVER (a personal fitness pet peeve). Also, since its audio only, she has to go in-depth to describe each move. A picture really could have saved a thousand words.

As for the Self program, it describes itself as a ‘beginner’ program, but then they make day 2 an advanced boot camp workout that never once mentions modifications or the idea that it is ok to only do what you can?

I consider myself in shape and I struggled to do and 2 1/2 minutes of split squat jumps. I can only imagine what actual beginners were thinking (and I’m sure it involves being discouraged).

Day 1 advised me to not walk too fast and Day 2 is hard-core intervals of mountain climbers and squat jumps? I think this program is having a bit of an identity crisis.

I’ll give it a few more workouts, I don’t want a knee jerk reaction to turn me against it. And there are multiple coaches, so I’m curious if there are types of workouts when the audio-only format works.

Besides, it did get me to do a strength workout – that was my goal for the week.


An unusual Summer day in the Bay Area- it was gray and overcast (all day) and it was super humid.

I don’t like running in humidity. For once, I had a valid external reason for a blah run.


Today was the first of the Aaptiv/Self workouts I didn’t dislike! Today was a 15-minute yoga program ‘Chill Yogi Vibes.’

Mostly hip openers that felt really good to do. I’m still not sold on audio only, especially since the coaches all seem to resist using pose or move names.

So instead of saying ‘we are now going to lizard pose’ and then describing how to do it, they spend 20 seconds describing the pose and how to get into it, then say ‘this is lizard pose.’

For beginners, the difference likely wouldn’t have mattered, but if you know the basics, it does.

I spent those 20 seconds confused and trying to visualize what she was describing. A confused 20 seconds times however many moves in a workout really adds up.

It seems like they could switch it around. Or they could just add video.


OMG – So this happened

Did the Empower Race Series 10K this morning. A full recap will be upcoming, but the highlights: I felt great and kicked ass- even winning my age group!

If I’m not careful, I may lose my self-proclaimed role as the voice of middle of the packers everywhere. Just kidding- I have a trail half marathon next weekend. That will knock the reality back into me when I finish fifth from last in my age group.

I set a new 10K PR, not only because I felt great, but I think by default- I don’t think I’ve ever done a road 10K before. I know I’ve done one super-ridiculous trail 10K, but nothing rational that I would consider an actual, legit 10K.

Part of Empower were various activities including yoga and HIIT classes. The full rundown of my race day: 6 am sunrise yoga, running a 10K, then an hour of slow flow yoga.

It was a lot by 10am.


I really debated if I should run today, especially as I lounged in bed this morning, sleeping in after yesterday’s 4:30 wake up call. The major downside of sunrise yoga is it tends to happen really early.

I did a lot yesterday, but ultimately accepted that I shouldn’t shirk my long run. So I got my ass out of bed and did 11 more miles this morning.

The first miles were pretty rough. While I feel good after yesterday’s adventures, I was a bit stiff.

I eventually settled into it.

Also did the Aaptiv 30 minute lower-body ‘Bodyweight Booty Camp.’ I’ll admit I half-assed it a bit. I’ve done too much already this weekend to give 100% to squats and hip bridges, but I wanted to stay on track with the Self program.

It wasn’t a terrible workout. I think that counts as high praise for Aaptiv, given my experience so far.

Week Summary

I wanted to get more strength training in, and boy did I ever.

I don’t love the Aaptiv/Self program, both in content and in form, but it’s novel enough to keep me interested so I’ll stick with it for the time being.

Maybe it’s the workout equivalent of hate-watching a terrible TV show. Maybe I’m keeping up with it so I can ponder how much I don’t like it, but whatever the reason, I am keeping with it and doing the workouts so it’s serving a purpose.

Next Week: Week 10


PlanRest4 miles8 miles4 milesRest17 milesCross Train
Actual10 min yoga4 miles8 miles4 milesrestTrail half marathon50 min. yoga

Area of Focus

Hydration. It’s been uncharacteristically humid in the Bay Area. I need to step up my hydration game.


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