American River 50 Mile Endurance Run Race Recap 

American River 50

Fair warning: this race was huge for me and I have thoughts. This recap is slightly epic… settle in… I’ve retold this story several times, but I’ll recap it here (again). Running a 50-mile race was never something I’d considered […]

American River 50 Training Recap: Week 6

american river 50 training recap week 6

I’ll confess, I have no idea how my training is going. I know my runs have been feeling great (yeah!), but is that enough to prepare me for race day? I have no idea. How many miles should I be […]

Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 17

oakland marathon recap 17

One last Oakland Marathon recap! I have one more week of training, but next week is mostly rest and a few short runs. The only real question for the week is if I’ll do the 2-mile run on the calendar […]

Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 16

oakland marathon recap week 16

Ah the taper… I’ve never liked the marathon taper. I like the discipline of marathon training, the challenge. When you hit the taper, training is all but done. It’s all about easing up and chilling out. It’s just too much time […]

Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 15

Oakland marathon recap 15

The cathartic role of writing and blogging has been proven to me as I work my way through the Kübler-Ross stages of grief about the new Oakland Marathon course. I wrote the first draft of last week’s recap while still solidly […]

Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 14

oakland marathon training recap week 14

I’ve written before about how you need to be prepared for the unexpected on race day. It has never occurred to me (before this week) to be prepared for the unexpected a month before race day. Marathon training takes a […]

Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 13

Oakland Marathon recap week 13

The first of two peak mileage weeks. My weekday runs are not too bad, but 20 miles on Saturday! Yikes! My never-ending quest for good, high-quality at home workouts brought me to Sworkit. I’ve read many glowing reviews of this app […]

Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 11

Oakland Marathon Training week 11

I’m continuing on with the 15-Day Yoga Challenge. I doubt I’ve ever done yoga 15 days in a row before- I tend to not do streaks like that, I believe in rest days and taking mental and physical breaks. I’ll never understand the […]

Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 8

Oakland Marathon Training Recap week 8

I’m in the midst of the January doldrums. My hilly runs were super slow (even for me), and I had a general lack of enthusiasm. I read somewhere that January 12th is the day that most New Year’s Resolutions fail. […]