The Things I Love: 12.15

Things I love 12 15

Only a few more weeks of 2017!? How is that possible?

It’s been a week of small and simple pleasures – and being paid for things I was going to do anyway.

Gotta love it.

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The Things I Love This Week

Seeing and Being Seen

’Tis the season for super short days.

I can usually get my runs in during the day so on the run visibility has not been an issue, but several times this week, I’ve found myself wanting to go out for a little walk at an entirely reasonable hour (like 6 pm), but it’s already pitch black out.

Out comes the visibility gear I got for running, but that works just as well for walking:

  • A headlamp so that I can see.
  • An armlight so that I can be seen.

I don’t love running with a headlamp – the lack of depth perception feels strange, but that isn’t an issue on a walk.

The armlight is something my mom got me at a garage sale (still in its package). Worn on your arm, it has either a steady colored light or flashing lights so you can more easily be seen.

I was skeptical that I would use it. But it can’t hurt to have it, right?

Then I started seeing similar items on dogs in the neighborhood (worn on the collar instead of the arm). If I noticed that many dogs wearing blinky lights, surely drivers would be more likely to see me, right?

Personally, I have the Eddie Bauer one (in red), but there are plenty of other options and colors out there.

Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel Pens

This is not my first mention of my love of pens.

It’s a real problem. Every time I see a post on Buzzfeed about the ‘best gifts for stationery addicts’ my ears prick up and my shopping list grows.

My latest (non-fountain) pen obsession are Ink Joy Gel Pens from Paper Mate. They come in dozens of colors and in .5 and .7 sizes.

Key to my love of any pen is how smooth it writes, and these do not disappoint.

I just got my 2018 Happy Planner and not only do I plan on taking my sticker game to a new level in 2018, I now may have to up my color coding game too.

North Face Osito Jacket

More fuzzy!

I wrote last time about my love of my fuzzy Grinch Who Stole Christmas pants. Great for around the house, not so much in public.

This past week, it has been the perfect temperature to break out my fuzzy gear that can be seen in public: my fuzzy North Face Osito Jacket.

Ok, I’ll confess: my jacket(s). Plural.

Once upon a time, these jackets were super cheap at the North Face Outlet store so I may own it in more than one color (I will not be denied warm & fuzzy clothing).

I’ve gotten more comments on these jackets than I have on any other piece of clothing I own.

I feel like a muppet when I wear it (that’s a good thing), it is super warm and super fuzzy. What more could I possibly want in a piece of clothing?


Achievement App

Like Ibotta, The Achievement App seems too good to be true.

Achievement is an app that connects to a few dozen fitness apps and trackers (mine is linked to my Fitbit and Garmin Connect) and give you points for certain ‘healthy activity’ (6ish points for good night sleep; 30ish points for walking 10000 steps; 20ish points for a 5k run).

Earn 10,000 points and get $10.

Getting paid to work out and sleep well? Where do I sign up?

You won’t get rich off of it, but $10 is $10.

I just wish that connecting to the Nike Training Club app was an option.

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