The Things I Love: 10/20

Things i love 10 20

The fall marathon season is over. I had a great time running Skyline to the Sea! I have mostly recovered and am slowly readjusting to having hours on my calendar that are unclaimed by long runs and foam rolling.

What do people who don’t run marathons do on Saturday mornings, anyway?

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Things i love 10 20

The Things I Love This Week

Clean Air

This is a little more esoteric than usual, but I’m really loving clean air and blue skies.

I live about an hour’s drive south of the wildfires that have been raging in Napa Valley and Northern California.

As a result of the fires, the skies here have been filled with a smokey haze, which has made it difficult (if not dangerous) to be outside.

The silver lining of smoke filled skies has been amazing sunrises and sunsets

The news said that our air quality has been as bad Bejing or New Delhi. My first thought when I heard that was: ‘How terrible for us!’ My second thought was: ‘How terrible for the people who live in Bejing or New Delhi!’

They live with air quality like this every single day. How can you live a life like that?

Thankfully, the fires are largely contained and our air quality is improving.

I won’t take another clear blue sky day in Northern California for granted again

Penny Dreadful

Between the wildfires limiting my time spent outside, and finishing my latest marathon, I suddenly find myself with lots of unclaimed time, so I’ve been watching more TV and movies than usual.

I vaguely remember Penny Dreadful being on TV a few years ago, but since I’ve never had Showtime, it passed me by.

Dark and moody, it takes place in Victorian England in the 1890s. It combines elements of Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman, and Dorian Gray (who doesn’t entirely match thematically, but I’ll give it a pass).

It is perfect fall TV watching: longer nights, Halloween on the mind, and dark, spooky TV shows to watch.

Penny Dreadful is streaming on Netflix.

Create 365 Planners

With 2017 quickly winding down (!?), my planning for 2018 has begun.

I’ve tried dozens of calendars and planners over the years. Straight up page-a-day or week-a-day calendars, DIY bullet journals and everything in between.

Earlier this year, I got a 2017 Create 365 planner from Me and My Big Ideas at Michaels on clearance for $1.99.

I’ll try anything for $1.99.

The Create 365 planners are structured like a traditional calendar, but are open enough for a DIY arrangement of my day. It allows me to utilize the best ideas of a bullet journal, but without as much set up. 

My Create 365 Planner

I wasn’t sure initially about the roller-bound journal. Would the pages fall out?

It hasn’t been a problem, and the rollers make it easy to add and remove pages for project plans as needed. Or to remove a few pages to carry around for times when I don’t want or need to have the whole planner with me.

The one problem I’ve had with it is there is no convenient way to hold my pens.

There is also a vast range of stickers and coordinated accessories to spruce up planning. While I didn’t get into that this year, I think 2018 may bring more stickers into my life.

Charity Miles App

Charity Miles is an app that donates money to charity based on how many miles you walk, run or bike.

There are dozens of charities to choose from, I guarantee there is some cause you support or believe in on the list.

Charity Miles is a great way to bring a little good into an activity that you do every day anyway.


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