The Things I Love 10.6

things i love

I’ll admit I struggled a bit putting together this week’s things I love post.

It’s marathon race week for me, so all week I didn’t do anything new, didn’t eat anything new. I laid low and don’t do a whole lot.

It isn’t exciting, but it usually leads to marathon success, so I’ll stick with it. But not doing or eating new things means the things I love all had to be things I already use.

It can be hard to notice and appreciate the things you use every day.

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things i love

The Things I Love This Week

A 5-Year Journal

For nearly a decade now, I’ve kept a 5-year journal.

In a 5-year journal, you write a sentence or two about what you did or what is going on each day. You can also look back on that day in your history.

I originally started the 5-year journal after I realized there were chunks of time in my life that passed without my paying attention. Weeks where I couldn’t tell you what I did, or what was going on.

Taking a few moments each day to look back at what I was doing two or three years ago is a great way to keep it all in perspective. Remembering the things that seemed like such a big deal a few years ago that are now all but forgotten.

Having the record has been especially interesting lately as the last year has brought so many positive changes.

Fountain Pens

My recent post on keeping a running journal has gotten me thinking about pens and stationary (even more so than usual).

Externalizing and documenting your thinking on paper, especially when you are using a great pen, will create insights and perspectives you would never have otherwise had.

I know fountain pens aren’t everyone’s style, but if you’ve never tried one, give it a shot. Using a fountain pen may seem quaint, but it can lead to deeper insights when writing (I don’t know how or why it works, but does for me).

I have two recommendations for fountain pen newbies:

Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens

Cheap, and the disposables don’t require messing around with cartridges. The ones I have currently have lasted years.


I good introduction to ‘real’ fountain pens.

Kleen Kanteen

My one-two non-disposable punch

While disposable water bottles get much of the attention in minimizing excess waste in your life, I find that my regular coffee habit generated more waste than plastic bottles ever did.

So I got a Kleen Kanteen tumbler that I can use for cold drinks at coffee shops. Most cafes give some sort of discount for bringing your own cup.

Minimize waste and get a discount!? Sign me up.

I got mine at Peets, but it doesn’t look like it is still available for sale. The same product (but without the inspiring message) is available at Amazon.

This tumbler, along with the Takeya water bottle I got at Blogfest, have both been great ways to go green.

Ibotta App

I don’t buy a ton of stuff, so I haven’t paid attention to the endless apps that promise to give you rebates and cash back for all your purchases. I never figured it was worth it.

That said, I also like a bargain and a rebate.

I tried Ibotta after I heard about it on two different podcasts I listen to (and respect).

It gives you rebates (from 25 cents to several dollars) on specific items that you purchase.

While I never would buy something specifically because there is a rebate, if there is something I’m going to get anyway, so much the better. While stocking up for marathon week carb-loading, I was able to get rebates on both pretzels and yogurt.

Between these purchases and sign-up and welcome bonuses, I made $12.00 in the first month.

Imagine what the rebate would be if I actually bought stuff.

2 thoughts on “The Things I Love 10.6

  1. iBotta is FABULOUS! The more you use it, the more it tailors to your tastes and habits (creepy, but effective). I was disappointed when I first started using it how much processed food and junk was on there for the grocery stores, but the more receipts I uploaded, more fresh foods and even some of my athletic supplements started appearing. I like how it links apps for further discounts like Amazon, Boxed, etc…get paid for apps you already use. This app and Checkout 51 save me about 25% off the top of my grocery bill alone each week. PS-love your newsletters, every one of them is fabulous and I am always sharing at least one of the articles in one forum or another!!! Thank you!

    1. Thanks! I think ‘effective by creepy’ is a good way to describe almost all technology these days! As long as ‘effective’ outweighs ‘creepy’ I’ll give it a shot.

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