Things I Love 3.10

Things I Love 3 10

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These are the podcasts, articles, shows, gear, and other stuff that is making me happy and making me smile.

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Things I Love: March 10

Pushing Daisies

Along with Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Pushing Daisies is my favorite go-to comfort food TV show. I put it on whenever I want a show I know I’ll love.

Pushing Daisies is about Ned, the pie maker, who can bring dead things back to life with his touch and his (formerly) dead girlfriend Chuck, whom he can’t touch without killing her again (forever).

For my money, the best part of the show is the relationship between Emerson Cod (the private detective Ned helps – it’s easier to solve crimes when you can ask the dead guy who killed him) and Olive, the waitress at Ned’s pie restaurant, the Pie Hole.

I can’t help but smile every time they have a conversation. The first season episode ‘Girth’ is a personal favorite.

I couldn’t find Pushing Daisies streaming for free anywhere, but it can be found on Amazon.

How To Be Amazing

The How To Be Amazing podcast is hosted my comedian Michael Ian Black. I was only vaguely aware of Black’s work when I first started listening.

I find myself constantly amazed by the quality of questions he asks. It’s hard to be funny and insightful in the same question.

The show has an interesting mix of guests. Black summed up the guests he prefers in his introduction to the episode with Andy Cohen: He likes to interview people who have figured out how to turn their essential selves into a career.

Something I think everyone should strive for.


I’ve talked about Buffs several times already on this here site, but that is because they are amazing and I want to make sure every in the world knows about them.

Race Buffs
Just a few of my race Buffs

They are great when it’s cold (it’s an ear warmer!). They are great when it’s hot (it’s a sweat rag!). It’s great when you are camping and don’t want the world to see your unwashed hair, and it’s great as a washcloth when you are traveling.

I have a vast selection of Buffs in all sizes and colors and am very rarely without one. I love that many races are now giving them out instead of (or in addition to) shirts.

I use the regular Buffs for travel and camping and the 1/2 Buffs for a working-out headband (personally, I’ve found the headband sized buffs a little too narrow).

I recommend getting a few and sticking them in the pockets to every coat you own.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I know, two TV shows in one post? I’ve been watching a ton of TV lately, what can I say?

I was slow to come to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. A TV musical comedy about West Covina? Hard pass for me, thank you very much. But enough people whose advice and recommendations I respect kept telling me to try it out. So I did.

I’m hooked.

The funniest of sitcoms maybe makes me chuckle. It’s super rare for a comedy to make me actually laugh out loud. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend does just that. Frequently.

It’s totally absurd in the best possible way.

One of my favorite songs from the second season is also one of the few songs totally safe for all audiences.

It’s on the CW and both seasons are streaming on Netflix.


I’ve already mentioned my love of Nuun here, but I’ve recently found a new way to love Nuun: The nuunTini.

NuunTinis are alcoholic drinks using Nuun in place of soda and other mixers. Perfect for the evening after a long run, when you want to have a drink and relax, but you also know you should be responsible and continue to properly hydrate.

Rum Orange Hot Chocolate, Nuun Whiskey Sours,  and a Strawberry Lemonade Nuunarita are a few of the recipes that caught my eye.

Things I Love 3 10


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