Things I Love 8.11

Things I Love 8 11

I’m still sorting through my goodies from Blogfest, test driving products and tasting the bars and dried fruits I got in my various goodie bags

I’ll be eating nutrition bars and dried fruit for months.

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Things I Love: 8.11

 Things I Love 8 11

 Sun-Maid Sour Lemon Raisins

I know I should eat more raisins. They are healthy and tasty, and apparently give you as much energy on the run as gels.

But they are sometimes just so… raisiny.

At IDEA World, Sun-Maid had a booth and were sampling two new products. ‘New raisin products?’ you may ask. Other than packaging, how much new can you do with raisins?

This is what you can do: flavor them. Sour Lemon Raisins and Sour Strawberry Raisins.


Both flavors are really good, but the sour lemon ones were my favorites.

The flavor adds an extra oomph to the raisins without being overwhelming, and the sour flavor cuts some of the raisin sweetness.

The sour versions contain the same nutrition as plain raisins and have no added sugar.

Takeya Bottle

My new Takeya Bottle

I am a bit of a water bottle hoarder. I’m always on the lookout for bottles that look great, feel great, are easy to drink out of and easy to clean.

Ticking all the boxes is surprisingly hard.

Takeya were sponsors of Blogfest and gave us a 24-ounce bottle in our swag bags.

It claims to keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. I was a little skeptical. I’ve heard that before.

For me, the test of a bottle is if it will keep a drink cold when kept in a hot car while I go for a long trail run in the summer. I love coming back to a bottle of ice water, but it’s more than many bottles can handle.

While I can’t vouch for Takeya’s ability to keep hot beverages hot (I don’t carry around hot beverages much, especially in August), last week when I got back to my car after a hot, dusty trail run, I could still hear the ice cubes banging around in the bottle.

Takeya also avoids another of my bottle pet peeves: the cap does not leak. I had it on its side for hours and not a drop escaped.

The leak-proof Takeya cap. Trust me, this thing don’t leak.

It also has a soft ring around the base so there isn’t a loud thud when I put it down. A feature I didn’t know I wanted until I had it.

Duluth Trading Company Armachillo Underwear

Good underwear can be hard to find. Especially pairs that won’t cause issues during long runs.

Lately, I’ve had the best luck with Armachillo Underwear from Duluth Trading Company.

I guess they are embedded with jade and are designed to wick moisture. I won’t claim to understand how jade helps wick moisture and keep me cool, but seems to work for me.

Comfy undies that don’t cause chafing issues on a long run?

Yes, please!

Momentum Jewelry

I’ve gotten two pieces of wrap jewelry from Momentum Jewelry recently. One at Blogfest and another as a finisher’s award at the Empower Race Series 10K.

My Momentum Jewelry

I love jewelry, and I love my little positive mantras and sayings. Momentum ticks both of those boxes and since they are made of soft fabric, you can wear them running.

Soft, stylish and motivating.

Sounds like what I try to be every day!


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