Things I Love 8.25

Things I Love 8 25

The things I love for August 25th! The books, products, and apps that are making me happy and making me smile.

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The Things I Love For August 25!

Things I Love 8 25

How To Be Interesting

I got How To Be Interesting (By Jessica Hagy) as an ebook from the library. I wasn’t sure quite what to expect, but it caught my eye. Since I’m trying to pay more attention to the random things that catch my eye, I’ll go with it.

Besides, who can’t use advice on how to be more interesting?

How To Be Interesting is presented as quick paragraphs of text accompanied by back-of-the-napkin type diagrams and graphs.

It’s a short read (an afternoon at most) but packed with interesting one-liners and ideas.

I’d recommend reading through it a few times. I’m on my third read and I’ve picked up something new each pass. 

I find that what catches my attention during each read is directly related to where my mind is at that moment.

ChapStick Total Hydration Moisture & Tint

As a girl with short hair, I find that if I don’t wear any makeup, I get called ‘sir’ a lot.

While not the end of the world (and something I often find funny), it’s still something I try to minimize. Even when I don’t wear much makeup, I try to wear at least a tinted lip balm.

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect tinted lip balm that can do double duty: keep my lips soft with just enough color to prevent the ‘sirs.’ ChapStick tint may be the solution. I liked the ChapStick Total Hydration (uncolored) balm, the tinted version hydrates in the same way, but with color.

I tried the Merlot color and love it. They also make a pink-y and a coral-y color.

(I know the reads like a paid promo for the product, but it isn’t, I swear. It’s just a thing I picked up at Walgreens and love)

Cross-Stich World App

I haven’t really gotten into the latest coloring book for adults fad. I understand the mental benefits of zoning out and using coloring books as an active meditation, but for whatever reason, it just doesn’t do it for me.

I randomly downloaded the Cross-Stitch World app onto my iPad (again, I’m going with things that catch my attention, as this did) a bit ago, and I’m now obsessed.

I was big into cross stitch and needle crafts back in the day. This takes me back to simpler times – without having to untie any knots in my thread.

I think this digital cross-stitch app serves the same purpose of the coloring books, it is easy to zone out (in a good way) and relax while putting all the little dots on the screen. It’s almost hypnotic watching a full-color design emerge out of all these single points.

There are also many digital coloring books if you are looking for a digital version of an old-school hobby, but I haven’t tried any of those (yet).

Seat Shield Seat Covers

I do many trail runs where I get sweaty, dusty and on rare occasions, muddy (I live in California after all, years of drought has significantly cut down on muddy trail run days).

I’m not a neat-freak but I do want to minimize the amount of time I have to spend washing and vacuuming my car so I don’t just want to jump in the car covered in dust after a run.

Seat Shields are seat covers that hook over the head rest and protect the seat – perfect solution!

They easily unhook when I get home, and can be stashed away under the seat when I don’t need them.

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