Why Blog? Launching My Blog

Sunrise and Full Moon at the Golden Gate

With this post, I am officially launching my blog.

Why blog? Does the world need another blog?

Most definitely not.

Am I going to let that stop me?

Not a chance.

I’ve toyed with blogging before. I’ve posted intermittently on various platforms. Now it’s time to take it seriously- I now consider my blog to be up and running (so to speak).

My Blogging History

In a former work life, I was the community manager for my department’s internal social network. I loved doing it. I wrote a weekly blog about the risk management lessons that could be learned from the movies.

Posts were along the lines of how Jurassic Park teaches you why you shouldn’t have a single point of failure in a system (Nedry being the only person who could access the computer security system) and Titanic… well, just about everything in Titanic is a risk management lesson of what not to do.

I had people who had nothing to do with risk management stop me in the lunchroom and tell me they loved my blog and couldn’t wait to read the next post.

Everyone loved it.

Everyone, that is, except my boss, but that is neither here nor there and is (if anything) a post for a very different blog. My point is that it gave me my first real taste of writing on a regular basis and of people responding to my writing.

I was hooked.

This Blog

So what to blog about? I have interests all over the map, but my interests are very broad- not deep.

A single topic deep dive isn’t likely to keep my attention for long.

When thinking about what I enjoyed, themes of being outdoors, being physically active, running, trail running, seeking out new adventures, and always trying to be a better person and live a better life kept arising.

So that is why I am here: to dive into those themes, to continue to learn about myself and what I like, and to encourage others (you!) to learn about themselves, what they like, and to hopefully inspire them to always seek out new adventures- be they big or small.

About Me

I was born and raised in Minnesota and went to college in Chicago. After living a few years in Los Angeles, I now live in the Bay Area.

I recently decided it was time to move on and left my job of 14 years. I’m on a professional sabbatical while I figure out what’s next: what will make me happy beyond my wildest dreams?

My Running Life

I’m a middle of the pack marathoner and trail runner, and I act as a pace group leader and coach for various training programs and races in the Bay Area. I’m also a novice photographer, a reader of everything and anything, a lover of information, factoids and trivia (the stranger, quirkier, and more unexpected, the better).

I expect many posts about running (I have a good 20 years of anecdotes and lessons to draw from after all), with a few other topics sprinkled in. I’m sure I’ll focus on other outings and everyday adventures as well.

All with a fair amount of absurdity, wry humor, and pop culture/literature references.

Welcome to the world blog!

And welcome, readers!

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